Destiny 2 Prestige Mode Raid Is Finally Available, Adds Difficulty For Greater Rewards

After previously being delayed to get rid of an exploit in the final boss area, the Destiny 2 Prestige Mode raid for the Leviathan raid is now available for players to undertake. The Prestige mode raids offer the same raid but at a higher difficulty, in return for correspondingly higher rewards.

The Leviathan raid takes players into a Cabal ship known as the Leviathan, the prison of the previous ruler of the Cabal Empire, Emperor Calus. Previously exiled from the Cabal in a coup, Calus has been traveling the galaxy eating planets and indulging himself in luxury until he has finally arrived at Nessus, in our solar system, as Ghaul holds the Last City and attempts to take the system for himself.

The raid will take you all the way through the Leviathan to Calus’s throne room, and while it was difficult enough to get there with the original version of the raid, the Destiny 2 Prestige mode raid messes with the mechanics and enemy difficulty in order to make the raid more challenging, such as putting eight dogs in the Pleasure Gardens area, requiring different runners during the Gauntlet section, there being more bathers in the Royal Baths, and more changes like that.

It’s likely that the raid will get even more difficult when Bungie puts out more content for it around October 20, especially since Bungie has recently been talking about Leviathan challenges and seasons, which might very well make the Destiny 2 Prestige Mode raid even more difficult for everyone, even with sherpas and guided games.

So, if you have the strength and gear to do so, you can take on the Destiny 2 prestige mode raid now and try and grab the better gear that serves as rewards for you beating the raid. And be on the lookout for more information about other changes coming to the raid on October 20.