Destiny 2 Powerful Reward Bug Is Being Fixed By Bungie

Constant reports from the players have been flying in for the past week of a Destiny 2 bug. Players at considerably low Power Levels have been getting Powerful Rewards due to this bug. Developers of Destiny 2 at Bungie have now declared that it is indeed the bug which made this whole Powerful Rewards issue happen in the first place.

Bungie has set forward their reaction to this bug by announcing that they are going through a fix for this issue in Destiny 2. However, as of now, the players have only been alarmed about the situation by official authorities. The fix is still going to take its time in being made. Bungie took it online to address the users through proper channel in letting them know that an investigation of the bug is in process.

In a tweet from Bungie Help account, developers advised the Destiny 2 players to check in on the issue later for an update:

We have been investigating the issue causing powerful engrams to sometimes drop below appropriate power levels. We’re currently working on a fix. Stay tuned for updates

Whereas, a detailed forum discussion also explained the issue on the official website of Bungie.

Though the Destiny 2 update that arrived today has not yet been able to counter this bug. Nonetheless, this update made repairs to several other bugs which were being used by the players for hostile purposes in the game.

The bug became obvious when players noticed their drops after starting to finish the Challenges of this week’s reset. There is no certainty as of right now regarding the specifics of the Powerful Rewards because each report for the Destiny 2 bug has been different from the other.

Let’s hope Bungie brings in a fix as soon as possible because these Powerful Rewards are crucial for players in order to clear the advanced levels of the game, for instance, the Nightfall. A while back, Nightfall was also faced with a serious bug issue so much so that Bungie had to step forward to explain the situation.

On the other hand, some players even reported Powerful Rewards from the levels above their existing ones too. Therefore before things get any more out of hand Bungie should be quick in delivering the fix of this Destiny 2 bug as it is only a matter of time before the bug causes the players to use exploitation on the game.

Source: Game Rant

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