Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure Guide – Lost Oasis, Terrabase Charon, Destroy Taken Blights

Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure Guide will guide you through the entire adventure and will help you with completing and updating your objective as you progress.

Adventures has small self-contained missions which are good for grinding for gear and each of them has a special reward. Each adventure is independent of one another. In Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure, players will be tasked to tap directly into the moon’s power.

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Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure Guide will detail everything to complete the adventure efficiently and without any fuss.

Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure

Reward: Ability Unlock

Postmodern Prometheus Adventure takes place in the Lost Oasis sector of Io and campaign mission Fury is required to be completed first. As the adventure begins, a burst of energy will appear near a large tree. Follow the looping path through the fonts of power and you have to collect five of them to update the objective.

Your new objective is to kill eight Vex using melee attacks and you don’t need to find them as a marker will appear when one is nearby. You don’t necessarily weaken them with melee attacks, you can use your weapons to weaken them and kill them with a melee attack.

Once this is done the objective will update that will lead you to a large font in Terrabase Charon. Check your loadout and activate the console. Taken Thralls will move into the area from every direction. Hold them off until font finishes charging and the objective will update.

Now, you must destroy the Taken Blights scattered around in the area and the fully charged font produces Orbs of Light. With this steady supply of Super energy, you can clear the area easily. Once the Blights are destroyed clear the remaining Taken forces and incoming Vex.

The encounter will be tough as you will face quite a few formidable foes and once all are dead the adventure will conclude.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Postmodern Prometheus Adventure Guide with tips on how to complete the adventure efficiently.

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