Destiny 2 Playstation 4 Pro Version is 30 FPS Because 60 FPS Were Not Possible

The Destiny 2 Playstation 4 Pro version is only going to be running at 30 FPS when it comes to Playstation’s premium console, apparently due to a lack of CPU horsepower. Luke Smith, the game’s director, gave the news to the media. The lack of 60 FPS is a shock, considering the Pro’s horsepower.

The Playstation 4 Pro is a console designed to take full advantage of 4K resolution and 60 frames per second that many gamers wish for, especially with console. However, if the console can’t stomach Destiny 2, one has to wonder if it will be capable of running other games at 60 FPS.

Luke Smith said that the reason that the Destiny 2 Playstation 4 Pro version will only run at 30 is due to the size of the game, along with its physics, collision detection, and players. As one of the first shared-world shooters (since the game is essentially an MMORPG), it’s possible that the reason is due to consoles still not being used to a game like this.

However, considering that Destiny 2 is going to be running on PC with the help of Blizzard Entertainment, PC players may be able to lord it over Playstation 4 Pro users, considering PC games are often capable of running at 60 frames or higher, at 1080 or 4K or higher resolution.

However, Smith has yet to say if an Xbox Scorpio version of Destiny 2 would be able to run at 60 FPS, though that depends on whether or not they’re even working on a port for it. The Scorpio has yet to get a confirmed release date, and Destiny 2 will be releasing on September 8.

Either way, if the Destiny 2 Playstation 4 Pro version can’t run at 30FPS, fans can take some comfort in knowing that it’s still capable of running at 4K. It’s not the console’s GPU that’s the problem, after all; the Pro’s CPU simply can’t handle it.