Destiny 2 Players Are AFK Farming, But With Honor

The currently ongoing activities in Destiny 2 has got players struggling. The struggling is specifically with critical materials as part of the season. One newly added game mode with the Forge season is the Forge Quest mode. A mode in the EDZ that conveniently provides players with what they need. But did you know that Destiny 2 players are AFK farming? And even that with a sense of honor?

Now it obviously sounds sleazy, AFK farming. So first, I’ll explain how it works and then after that, I’ll elaborate on the honor. Forge Quests are timed quests on the EDZ and Nessus that give critical materials to players that beat it.

Besides winning, however, you also get materials if you participate in the quests. You can get either Dusklight Shards or Microphasic Datalattice depending on the planet you chose to farm on.

Since each Forge armory event is 60 seconds, you don’t get kicked for inactivity. Upon failing, you also get automatically queued for the next event. You see what I’m getting at?

Players can literally cue up and then walk away from their game to do whatever they do. The AFK character will continue to fail the quests and get the participation rewards.

This brings us back to how this isn’t sleazy. I mean AFKing to farm could be damaging to other Destiny 2 players right? Ones that want to complete the Forge armory quests shouldn’t have to suffer for farming.

That’s why the honorable Destiny 2 AFK farming players lower their power levels. This way, they are only matched up with other AFK farmers. Since Destiny 2 matchmaking pairs players with ones of the same power bracket. It’s either that, or farming as a party with your friends.

It’s a clever way of cheating the system without actually cheating the system. I do have to commend Destiny 2 players for this. They’ve been finding glitches and farming exploits since the first game.

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