Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy Dungeon Guide

Well, Bungie came to know one thing very soon, everyone loves dungeon crawling and the response was so good that they added another dungeon to Destiny 2 with the latest update in Season of the Undying. Pit of Heresy, the new dungeon to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is a true test of player’s skills. It is a three-guardian pinnacle event but don’t worry as we have you covered with our full Pit of Heresy Dungeon walkthrough.

Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy Dungeon

So it’s not a straight forward entrance to the dungeon, you will have to run an errand for Eris before she lets you enter in the Pit of Heresy. This small task is called Deepening Wake, where you will have to participate in the Moon’s new activity that is a blend of Blind well and Escalation Protocol along with Hive.

In this event, players need to defeat a few waves of enemies (five to be precise), followed by a boss. You will notice that you will be fighting alongside some other guardians as this event is taking place in Sorrow’s Harbor. You will fulfill Eris’ request if you manage to go through all five waves and will also get pretty decent loot.

Now you need to make sure that your power level is enough, as Pit of Heresy is a 940 PL event so make sure you are there. You should prioritize solar damage for shields as there will only be Hive enemies and no champions.

You will also need some extra mods for extra damage against bosses. You will face five puzzles with waves of enemies and every encounter has a rally barricade at its starting point so you might wanna stock up on those as well.

In the first encounter, you will only have to match the correct runes and you will also have to utilize a relic to defeat your enemies. So in the area of the first encounter, there are towers on the top of mountains in front of you and on those towers are Hive runes that are used to navigate the stage.

You need to find out which rune you’re looking for so for that you just have to jump into one of the towers and kill some enemies which will reward you with some relics and a view of three more runes.

After getting locations of the required runes, take notes and retrace your steps back to find the matching towers and kill the enemies there. After you are finished with all three runes a new exit will open and a reward chest will appear.

Loot from that chest that just appeared after finishing all three runes and continue through the exit until you see a wall. Now head right of the broken bridge you’re standing on and follow the path until you drop into a dimly lit room.

Here you will see Hive membranes protecting a vast array of tunnels. Escape by navigating through these tunnels and killing Hive Knights you come across.

When you kill a knight it triggers a void orb dropping. Get the orb and dunk in the vessel outside the three doors the ogres are protecting. When you do that same process three times, next stage will start.

The third encounter is majorly consisting of a wave defense activity with a debuff mechanic. You need to destroy a large wall protected by six Hive Runes. This one is very similar to the previous encounter and you have to defeat the Hive Knights and deposit their orbs into the container next to the blocked door.

In this encounter, the different thing is that you will be hit with debuffs and if you accrue enough, it’s just game over.

What you can do is work in rotation, keep one team member outside to kill the adds that spawn and give critical shots and each team member should replace the previous one and a different one should deposit the orb every time. After depositing all six orbs you can just blast your way through the door.

The next door that the players will come across is protected by another set of Runes. This time you will face a jumping puzzle, where you need to just carefully jump around the lodges and platforms while looking for towers that match those on the runes.

After locating one of the matching towers you will have to kill a Hive Wizard and enemies surrounding it.

Boss Fight
For the final encounter of the Pit of Heresy dungeon, you will face a big old boss who will recall the memories of previous encounters so now you will have to go through all those encounters all at once. And while you are doing that, this boss will be raining down projectiles on you. You will have to kill the knights for relics and also dunk orbs.

Here you will have to do all the stuff from the first and second encounter and when you deposit the third orb boss will enter in a damage phase and the floor beneath you will turn green.

If you stay in that same spot it will give damage boost to the boss and it will come to one knee and start charging an attack. This attack will instantly kill you so you will have to stay out of the damage zone and avoid it.

Just keep going through these damage phases and eventually you will bring down this boss. It will usually take only two damage phases to take it down. After that, you will receive a fully masterworked piece of pinnacle gear.