Destiny 2 Payback Walkthrough Guide – The Tunnels, Bridge Control Room, Sunken Isles, Recommended Gear

This Destiny 2 Payback Walkthrough Guide is all you need to sail through the Destiny 2 Payback mission. We will tell you of all of the required Grenades, the Recommended Level, and Power as well as tips and tricks on how to efficiently complete each objective.

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Destiny 2 Payback Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Payback Walkthrough Guide to help you complete the 12th Destiny 2 mission that tasks you to prevent the Cabal Carrier from taking off on EDZ.

Destiny 2 Payback Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 15
Recommended Power: 160

The Tunnels

Cabal Tunnels
Grenades: Optional; Super: Optional

Quickly kill the infantry, use your grenades if you want since you will not be needing them much later on. Go to the Phalanx in the connecting chamber to the tunnel structure and drive the deposited tank. When you get to the first summoning point, get out of the vehicle and summon a new one if you have damage.

Lock onto the Cabal Thresher’s missiles and fire your barrage to negate this attack. Use the main canon to destroy the Thresher as well as the Psions in the distance.

Kill all the Phalanxes on the right. When you see the Thresher and Interceptor attacking together, block the missiles and aim at the Interceptor Pilot. Kill the pilot to stop the Vehicle and then focus on the Thresher. After this head on to the rock pillar killing everything you see. The remaining part to the next 2 summoning points is straightforward combat that should be easy because you have a tank.

Door Override
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Get off the tank and kill the Legionaries. Go to the cube shaped chamber and turn left. The door opens revealing enemies for you to kill. Move through the room and when you get to the second room, turn left and move to the room that the Centurion guards. Drop a grenade to clear the room and then move on to the hologram unlock area. Use ghost to open the door and head to the nearest tank summoning point.

Enter the tank and kill enemies until you see the Sub-Boss. Then retreat into the tunnel, kill everything there and then use a missile barrage on the enemy tank. Stop so his missile hits the pillar and then move back out of his range. Do this a few times to destroy the tank and then summon a new one for yourself.

Bridge Control Room
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Use your tank to clear the Retracted Bridge of all enemies. Get off the tank and make your way through the control room on foot. Clear this room and move on to the green-lit door. Stay at the door and lob a grenade followed by on point headshots. Alternatively, if you have your Super, then destroy the behemoth.

After this get back inside the tank and drive it. Drive across the bridge while running over the War Beasts. Cross the tunnel entrance and make your way to the cavern with two parallel bridges. Kill all the standard forces and then focus on the two Goliath tanks in the distance.

Hide behind the large rock and pillar on the entrance of the cavern. Destroy their missiles and move on between the scenery trying to deal damage to them. Kill the Thresher after you are done with the tanks and cross the bridge. Mop up the remaining infantry and head to the Sunken Isles.

Sunken Isles

Generator Destruction
Grenades: Not Recommended; Super: Not Recommended

Approach the Cabal ship from the right of the exhaust pipes. Drive to the exposed core of the generator that is guarded by a Cabal Infantry and a Centurion. Kill the Centurion and then fire your canon a few times to the spinning core on its side until it explodes.

After this move back to the main road, turn right and move up to the area on the high ground above the second generator. Kill infantry ahead of you and then swing to the flat ground area by the generator. Kill all the enemies and then fire 2 cannon blasts into the core.

After this, the final Goliath tank will arrive with three or four interceptors. Kill the closest enemies and then hide behind the tunnel below the carrier bay. You can access a new tank from this point easily and shoot at the Goliath until it is destroyed. After this move to the perimeter road and fire at the carrier’s exhaust ports to finish the mission.

That is all we have for Destiny 2 Payback Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something in the comment section below!

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