Destiny 2 Patrols Guide – How to Start, Unlock Patrol Missions, Types of Patrols in Destiny 2

In this Destiny 2 Patrols Guide, we will guide you on Patrols in Destiny 2. During your game, you will sometimes want to explore more of the worlds you visited on missions, for this you will go on Patrols.

We have curated this Destiny 2 Patrols Guide and we have detailed in it how you can unlock Patrols, how you can start Patrols and what are the different type of Patrol Missions in Destiny 2. We have also some tips and tricks for you for Patrols in our Destiny 2 Patrols Guide.

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Destiny patrols are great for newcomers who want to level up. Remeber, your level will probably be capped in the base game when you end the story mode. However, light level in Destiny 2 is completely different. Destiny 2 patrols will help you get your hands on some loot and XP.

Thus, helping you raise your light level in Destiny 2. So, how to complete Destiny 2 patrols? Well, the process is simple and repetitive so you may get tired.

Destiny 2 Patrols Guide

The following guide will help you figure out how to complete Destiny 2 Patrols, where to find them, and Patrols types in Destiny 2. Read on for more details.

How to Complete Destiny 2 Patrols?

Locate Destiny 2 petrolsDestiny 2 Patrols, there are 95 available to you. You can use your HUD to locate Destiny patrols, indicate’4d by a triangle icon. Patrols Guide details everything that you need to know about Patrols in Destiny 2.

What are Destiny 2 Patrols?

Patrols are short, sector based missions or activities that you can complete for resources. They are based in the same sector that you start patrolling in.

They are an excellent source for exploring the areas and sectors in detail and they give you the opportunity to explore the areas that you missed during the missions. When you complete a Patrol, you earn reputation and an appearing Combatant Chest in the end. Go to its location and open it for your reward.

There is a total of 95 Patrols in Destiny 2 with 35 in different Sectors of EDZ, 10 in Titan, 35 in Nessus and 15 in Io.

How to Unlock Destiny 2 Patrols?

Patrols are unlocked once you completed all the Campaign missions on Io. Once you have completed all the Campaign Activities, you must meet Cayde at the Farm where he will give you a small tutorial mission, which will show you how you can go on Patrols. After you have completed this tutorial patrol, they will unlock in the worlds that are accessible to you.

How to Start a Patrol Mission

You can start a Patrol from the Patrol beacon. Once there, use the beacon and it will assign you a random Patrol from the ones available for that specific sector. Complete all the available Patrols and then return later to see new Patrols unlocked. Every Sector has a specific number of beacons. The most beacons that a Sector can have is nine.

Types of Destiny 2 Patrols

While on Patrols, you will get a range of missions which you will need to complete. These are simple and easy tasks and they will not take a large amount of time to complete. We have detailed the five mission types that you can get during Patrols.

  • Assassination Mission
  • Collection Mission
  • Kill Mission
  • Scan Mission
  • Survey Mission

Assassination Patrol Missions
Assassination Missions will take you to an adjacent Sector in the search of a Sub-Boss along with his immediate bodyguards. This is the hardest type of Patrol Mission. You will need a Sparrow for these missions. Find the target, kill him along with his guards and your mission will be complete.

Collection Patrol Missions
These are item collection missions. You will be told to retrieve a specific item which is dropped by a specific enemy. Your task? Find them and kill them to make them drop the item you require. Collect the required number of items and your mission will be complete.

Kill Patrol Missions
As the name suggests, you need to kill to complete this mission. You will be assigned a specific area. Your task is to stay in that area and kill everything that spawns in it. If you leave the area, the mission will fail.

Scan Patrol Missions
Another adjacent Sector mission, you will require a Sparrow for this mission. You will need to travel to an area of the sector, clear it of all the enemy threat and then scan the area with your Ghost. Completing these tasks with the result in the completion of the mission.

Survey Patrol Missions
Another Sparrow mission. Get on your Sparrow and travel to the area assigned to you. Once there, stay in the area near to the location until the percentage reaches 100%. Once it reaches 100%, your survey will be complete and the mission will be complete as well. If there are enemies in the area, kill them to make it easy for you to stay idle near the location.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Patrols Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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