Destiny 2 Outbreak Prime Exotic Guide – Node Locations, Outbreak Perfected

Outbreak Prime was one of the most revered weapons from the original Destiny. In Joker’s Wild expansion, it now has become available in Destiny 2 as well. The Outbreak Prime Exotic is a reward that requires you to find clues followed by a timed quest. In our Destiny 2 Outbreak Prime Exotic Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about acquiring this exotic from Destiny 1.

Destiny 2 Outbreak Prime Exotic

Firstly, you’ll need this The Fallen Transponder because it contains all of the clues for completing this part of the Outbreak Prime exotic quest and you cannot start without it.

To do so, do the Heroic Adventure “Bad Neighbors” on Titan.

After you kill the Shrieker, you’ll find the Fallen Transponder in a room on the left. It’s made up of six nodes that link up in the middle so you’ll have to find them. We’ve listed the locations of all six nodes in Destiny 2:

Node #1
It’s in the Drain Lost Sector within the European Dead Zone. It’s behind a purple tarp, just to the right of a rock face. Head past the point where the cache is at the back of the drain and then down the rusted stairs.

Node #2
It’s in the Whispered Falls area of the European Dead Zone. Go down the dark tunnel and into the watery cavern. From there, turn right and you’ll find a green glow along with a stick with some skulls on it. Go to that marker to find the next node.

Node #3
It’s in the Atrium Lost Sector of the European Dead Zone, just below the church. Make your way down the tunnels and then drop down the broken stairs. To your left, you’ll find a room filled with cans and boxes. You’ll find the Node in there.

Node #4
It’s in the Widow’s Walk section in the European Dead Zone. The Node is behind the Lost Sector cache on a broken wooden platform.

Node #5
It’s in the Carrion Pit area of Nessus. Head to the Lost Sector and take out Servitor along with all his henchmen. Drop down one level off the platform that has the cache on it. Once you jump up to the left-hand side, you’ll find the Node.

Node #6
In the Rift area of Nessus, head to the far side of the area and into the Lost Sector. The Node is in the cache, inside the container that’s jutting out over the edge of the chasm.

Once all the nodes are found, the Fallen Transponder will display a string of data.

Getting the Exotic

Go to the Farm and enter the basement of the main hangar building. Once you head downstairs, you’ll initiate the mission The Old Tower. This has a Power Level requirement of 690 and is one of the tougher missions in Destiny 2.

Once you finish this mission, you’ll be given the variant Outbreak Perfected, one of the most powerful guns in the game.