Destiny 2 New Light Armor 2.0 Guide

Armor 2.0 is the name for the new armor system in Destiny 2 as part of the New Light update. Players can customize armor as they desire while acquiring stats and perks through the Armor mods. Although, you will notice major changes on the mechanical level than the appearance of the armor apart from the new gear sets.

This guide will focus on explaining the Armor 2.0 system which you can take advantage of, whether you have the Shadowkeep expansion or not.

Destiny 2 New Light Armor 2.0

The New Light update to Destiny 2 brings much-needed overhaul to basically every aspect of the game which includes armor changes and balancing as well that we are going to explain below.

The new armor system affects 6 stats that are changed on the basis of the original values of the pieces that are equipped along with the mods.

The new system includes a variety of values that are obtained from the game’s prequel, ranging from 1 to a 100 while you get stat boosts after every  10 levels.

Intellect Decreases the cooldown of your Super ability, allowing you to use it more often
Resilience Increases the amount of damage you can take before dying
Strength Decreases the cooldown time of your melee ability, allowing you to use it more often
Mobility Increases your movement speed and maximum jump height
Recovery Increases the speed at which you regain lost health
Discipline Increases the cooldown time of your grenades, allowing you to use them more often

If you equip armor, these values will be increased differently, while mods can be utilized to introduce perks. Every mod has its own value, while if you’re leveling up on armor, you can equip more perks.

The new system allows you to level up your armor pieces to 10 by using different materials like Ascendant Shards or Enchantment Prisms. Doing this will give you a budget of 10 energy when you’re equipping mods, while it’ll also be Masterworked, allowing you an additional stat boost of +2.

Players are not allowed to slot just any Mods into any armor pieces since some of these are restricted to a slot. For example, chest pieces are specific to unflinching and capacity mods.

Although class items will not have particular stats and they can be equipped with mods so that players can add new perks.

Mods are not consumables since if you get your hands on a mod, you can slot them in as much as you want over different armor pieces that correspond to them at the cost of resources Glimmer.

Exotics have perks preinstalled into them, and their appearances are unchangeable outside of Shaders.

Armor Mods
You can get the Armor Mods after Shadowkeep and New Light launch in the following ways

  • World Engram Rewards
  • Time-limited mods from different Seasonal Artefacts that will expire by the end of the season
  • Enhanced Engrams from different activities, such as the Raid
  • From the Gunsmith, by the rotating selection or from the packages

Once you own a mod, you’ll have it in your inventory and you can utilize it as much as you want. This allows you to experiment with different builds.

In Destiny 2, there are different types of mods at the time of the start of Season of the Undying

Resistance to powerful combatants or an energy type
Ability based such as Remote Connection, which increases Super energy from Sniper kills
Traction increased mobility and tighter turn radius while sprinting
Ammo Finders specific to a weapon type
Finisher mods giving you bonuses, such as Heavy Ammo drops when performing Finishers
Scavengers gives you bonus reserves from ammo
Fastball increases the grenade throw distance
Unflinching reduces flinching from certain weapons, such as large weapons
Loaders a reload speed increase for specific weapon types
Reserves increases ammo for certain weapon types

All of the mods do not correspond to any specific Armor type, all amount to different values of points.

You will be allowed to equip two of the same mod type to a single Armor piece so that you can increase the reserves for distinct types of weapons.

Below are the existing armor that will have updated versions in the Armor 2.0 system

Black Armory Forge
Crucible: Year 1 includes Year 1 ornaments
Vanguard: Year 1 includes Year 1 ornaments
Gambit Forsaken, Gambit Prime: Season of the Drifter
Menagerie All Menagerie armor
Destinations European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, Io, Mercury, Mars (Vendor and Escalation Protocol), Tangled Shore, Dreaming City
Raids Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Last Wish, Scourge of the Past, Crown of Sorrow

These will work similarly to ornaments, which can be applied to your equipment. For now, this is only observed for older Eververse armor, while there is hope that you will be allowed to change any type of armor’s appearance to how you want it to look.

To utilize this, head to the perks screen and scroll down to where it will say “Appearance” on the bottom.

Once here, you can make tailor the appearances, this includes equipping Universal Ornaments and Shaders, and even Glows, only if they’re supported.

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