Destiny 2 Nessus World Quest The Exodus Black Guide – Speak to FailSafe, Uncovering The Past, The Captain, Talk to FailSafe

Destiny Nessus World Quest is divided into 4 different sections that we are going to discuss. Each section raises the level of difficulty of the game, making your journey to the final objective that much tougher. However, at the end of it all, you’re going get enough loot and XP to make it worth your while.

The following Destiny 2 Nessus World Quest guide is going to discuss how you can get through each section of the mission, The Exodus Black. Your final goal is to find The Captain’s body and report back to Failsafe.

Destiny 2 Nessus World Quest Guide

The Exodus Black

Mission 1: Speak To Failsafe
Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission 6
Objective: Failsafe is looking to speak to you

You need to access the flag inside Failsafe’s chamber before going outside and taking care of the Fallen. The signal is going to lead you to the crew members from the ship. Examine the space man corpse and look for audio files.

Another corpse can be found slumped on the block section over ground level. You can find it on the perimeter side of the fuselage wreckage near the shallow lake, Exodus Black Sector.

The third signal is coming from two dead bodies of crew members on the flat plateau rock formation, overlooking the small Fallen base.

Mission 2: Uncovering The Past
Prerequisite: Complete Speak to Failsafe
Objective: Investigate the Exodus Black weapons locker.

The final crew member can be found across the clump of stalagmite rock formations, north of the Fallen base. Use the Ghost to Examine the base and track the signal. Use the Sparrow to head south, out of the Exodus Black and into the Glade of Echoes Sector. Expect the objective to update and enemies to rush your position.

You can ignore the Fallen in the larger central part and move to a small Vex cluster among the cube shaped formations. Here you can hack a terminal and at this point, Fallen will charge. But remain close to the satellite Terminal.

Clear all waves of the enemy and your objective will update.

Now you need to scan the area to locate a Vex Elite and engage it. After that’s done, go down to the debris gorges in the center of this sector to face more enemies before going north to face a Hydra.

Examine the area by scanning for a way point and head north near the exit to Hallows.

Mission 3: The Captain
Prerequisite: Complete Uncovering the Past
Objective: Follow the footsteps of the Exodus Black captain to find a way to open the weapons locker.

Head north out of Glade of Echoes into the Hallows and look for the mission flag to continue the quest. The side tunnel leads from Hallows to Sunken Cavern. You will reach a deep orange void where you can see the core of the planet. You will be guided across the void, leap across a series of boulders.

Jump and bounce until you reach the curved edge of the northern promontory down the chasm.

There are a number of enemies here as Vax Goblins attack. Ranged weapons are most useful in this battle. Kill everything in sight and move closer to the temple entrance. Go inside and follow the Harpy to reach a Vex conduit. Guard the door against incoming Goblins and Fanatics.

Follow the Harpy again into the promontory and another conduit.

Stay close to the conduit to maintain the link while taking on a rush of enemies. Once the link is complete, follow the Harpy across the temple entrance and to another conduit.

Repeat the same process as you did the first time. Maintain the link while engaging the enemies. Afterwards, move to the edge of the promontory for the final conduit and repeat the process one last time.

Friendly Harpy will move across the void to a boulder. Jump and follow it using the boulders as stepping stones. You will reach an upper promontory and cave courtyard. Defeat the Gate Lord using grenades and a hand cannon if available.

A Super will go a long way.

When the boss goes down, follow the Harpy into the tunnel that will take you to Exodus Black. In the room up next you will find the Captain’s body.

Mission 4: Talk To Failsafe
Prerequisite: Complete The Captain
Objective: Speak with Fail Safe

Go and speak with Failsafe.

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