Destiny 2 Necromantic Strand Guide

Once you’ve gotten your hands on the Essence of Brutality in Destiny 2, you will want to convert it to the Loud Lullaby hand cannon, that’s if you have an item called the Necromantic Strand.

The Essence material is considerably difficult to find as it lies in an uncertain part of the Hellmouth, which isn’t visible on the map. This guide will show you how to get the Necromantic Strand in Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2 Necromantic Strand

If you’ve checked your Quests Log for the Essence of Brutality, you’ll know that you have to go to the Hall of Wisdom, which is a place located on the moon. The Hall of Wisdom is located along the same path as Chamber of Night, which it isn’t too further into the Hellmouth.

Head to the Sanctuary Landing Zone on Moon, which is where you will find Eris Morn. Get on top of your sparrow and go left towards the Archer’s Line.

When you reach the area, gaze towards your right, you will notice a destroyed dome building. Go towards the dome and head through the other side, where you will see a Hive building.

Enter the Hive building and head down and further into the area. Keep heading downwards until you hit the bottom of the structure.

The first room you will head into now is the Hall of Wisdom. Move forward while killing the enemies, you will see a big glowing chandelier to your right. Go towards the chandelier and you will notice a quest marker pointing towards the Necromantic Strand’s location.

The Necromantic Strand will be on the base of the broken structure, which will have encircled the chandelier, on the other side of the Hall of Wisdom.

Although the Necromantic Strand is hard to locate on the ground, the marker will help you get to it if you have the quest marked on your tracker, while the pick-up range for the strand will be adequate for you.

After collecting the Necromantic Strand and doing the other parts of the Essence of Brutality quest, just return to Lectern of Enchantment and turn the quest in to get your Loud Lullaby reward.

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