Destiny 2 Moon Lost Sectors Locations Guide

With the players returning to Moon as part of the Shadowkeep expansion in Destiny 2, they will also be able to take on new Lost Sectors in the area which we will break down in this guide.

Destiny 2 Moon Lost Sectors

The new Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep, takes players back to an area that might be familiar to those who played the original game. However, since it is a new area in Destiny 2, there are also new gameplay features that weren’t a part of the original game such as the Lost Sectors.

Below we have compiled all the Lost Sectors on Moon that players can try to complete for some good loot.

We have four Moon Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, these are:

  1. K1 Logistics
  2. K1 Revelation
  3. K1 Crew Quarters
  4. K1 Communion

These can be explored after you have finished the first Shadowkeep campaign mission which will unlock the Moon as a Patrol space for you to explore freely. It would be fruitful to learn where to find these Lost sectors as they will come in handy for some quests and Eris’s bounties.

But in order to survive these sectors, you need to have a level of 870 otherwise it would be pretty difficult to get out of there.

K1 Logistics
You can locate K1 Logistics inside the Archer’s Line. There will be number ‘9’ written on the right of a building and it has the Lost Symbol underneath outside. When you get in, turn left immediately and pass through the doorway that has a red rim.

When you turn right from this corridor, you will find yourself in a collapsing corridor that has many red ghostly figures all around.

This is where you need to go. Go ahead and drop down on the wall that has 07 on it then go through the route that is linear. This path will take you to K1 Logistics and you will get there shortly.

K1 Revelation
It can be located within the middle of Sorrow’s Harbor. You need to go southwest after you find the large plate in the ground and walk towards the small hill and when you pass the hill there will be a cave entrance that is basically a crack in the ground. This is a linear path that will take you to K1 Revelation.

K1 Crew Quarters
It is on the south side of Hellmouth, to the very south of the location. On a small unit, you will find the Lost Sector Symbol in a cul-de-sac when you check the map. There will be a doorway on the south from here inside a building that is just over a hill. This doorway will take you to the K1 Crew Quarters proper.

K1 Communion
It is in the far northeastern side of Anchor of Light. You will find a lost sector symbol near an orange building underneath the outside when you are directed towards the east.

On the ground floor there will be an open structure and in its left is a stairway the goes up and beyond is a doorway. Go through this corridor and turn the corners twice and this corridor will take you to K1 Communion proper


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