Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide – Jumps and Spots, Game Mods, How to Play

In this Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide, we will tell you everything there is to know about Midtown Crucible Map Guide. Crucible is Destiny’s PvP mode and it is played across a variety of maps with exciting game modes.

Midtown is one of such maps, which is played in the Crucible. In this Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide, we have detailed everything that you need to know about the map. We have listed all the important locations in the map, Power Ammo spawn locations, which game modes can be played on it and other important data about the map in our Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide.

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Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide

Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide details everything that you need to know about the Midtown Crucible Map in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map

Midtown is located in the Last City on Earth. It supports both Quick Play and Competitive Playlists. This map has opportunities for weapons of all ranges. Some areas are suited for close combat while some areas are good for long-range weapons. It has some open areas, which are inter-connected, with some small and narrow passages so it gives a Guardian a variety of weapon options to bring to the battle.

This map is quite big so you cannot really predict where the battles will take place so we recommend that you pack a weapon of every range for this map. There is a fair share of internal locations as well with different insertion points. These can be good flanking routes or escape routes. Although vertical movement is seriously hindered once, you go inside.

A big water body surrounds the map, which you should definitely avoid unless you want to drown in the water and die. As you move on the map, away from the water, you will notice the map tends to slope upwards and most of the map is covered with ramps and steps. Depending on your playstyle, this can prove to be useful or hinder your movement capabilities.

Game Modes

This map supports both Quick Play and Competitive playlists. During Crucible, you will play Countdown, Clash, Supremacy, and Control on this map. Each game mode will have their own unique variations in the map but the main map will remain the same so you should be familiar with the area in each map.

Key Locations

The Midtown comprises of nine main locations, which are mentioned below:

It is a team’s starting location and offers some good cover options and sniping locations. It has one large entry point.

It is a good spot if you need a break from a tough fight. Limited entry points and good cover makes it a good retreat.

Alley is one of the major traffic lanes but watch out for snipers as it the most preferred lane for snipers. Good area for long range battles with very little cover.

Grass is a good flanking and escaping route. It is located between water and an inaccessible building.

Canal is a good place to break lines of your pursuers and line them up for a shotgun kill. It connects Grass and Marina.

Marina features many cover options and escape routes, as it is a narrow ramp behind an accessible building.

Low Street
Low Street is not for the faint hearted, as most of the action will be taking place here. Features an excellent sniping location. Other than that, this is a very difficult area to defend.

Market is a large and open area, which features a Kiosk, made out of a boat. This offers cover and some escape routes.

A tight corridor perfect for ambushes and flanking or escaping enemies.

If you get lost, head to this area as this is literally located in the middle of the map. It is an intersection and joins many areas.

Apartments feature a busy movement lane with numerous entry points. Good for hit-and-run situations.

It has narrow points of entry making it a good defensive location. It is also located at the corner of the map so it is usually quite except when the Power Ammo spawns here. Access to multiple movement lanes and a good view of these lanes is also a plus point of this location.

A good close combat location with numerous hallways. Offers a decent amount of cover and a good view of Shop for sniping.

Rugs is the best sniping location in the whole map. It offers a very good view of High Street and Market. It is a little hard to defend because the entry points are placed at odd locations. Walls provide good cover from firefights.

Shop is an important junction as it connects six adjacent areas. It is a good sniping lane and offers a decent cover with a number of flanking opportunities.

High Street
High Street is a dangerous area, as you will be exposed to snipers from two directions. The limited cover makes it even more difficult to cross.

Maintenance is a popular escape route and a vantage point as it can be accessed by a well-timed jump from the shop.

Garden is one of the team’s starting locations. It has a lot of entry points and cover options but the buildings surrounding it hinders the view of the surrounding areas.

Power Ammo Locations

  • During Control, one of the two Power Ammo locations will be located in Apartments while the other one will be located on High Street.
  • During a game of Supremacy, one of Power Ammo spawn locations will be Low Street, the second one will be in Courtyard while the last one will spawn in Maintenance.
  • During Clash, one of the Power Ammo locations is Low Street, the second one spawns in Courtyard while the last one spawns in Maintenance.
  • During Countdown, Power Ammo will spawn in Apartments.

Capture Point Locations

During a game of Control, this map will feature three Capture Points. Capture Point A will be located at Grass; Capture Point B will be located at Rugs, while Capture Point C will be located at Market.

Charge Locations

For Countdown matches, this map will have two locations for the charges. One of these locations will be Market while the other one will be located in Rugs.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Midtown Crucible Map Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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