Destiny 2 Masterwork Armor Confirmed By Bungie

Destiny 2 has introduced new armor tier which is called Masterwork. The new Destiny 2 Masterwork tier comes with modified stats and perks. Masterwork is introduced to the players by Bungie so that they can get geared for the endgame, it also provides a new way to modify their character.

Bungie’s plan with Masterwork armor didn’t end with just a weapon, this week the developer announced that they will add Destiny 2 Masterwork armor in the future.

There is no official date announced for the being so we don’t know when can we expect the release of the Master armor in Destiny 2. The developer is working on how to best implement these changes and make the game competitive.

A player can equip up to five pieces of Masterwork armor. Armor stat types are Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery. Each armor plays its own roll that offers a mix of the three stats, with less customization. Some armor can have greater mobility rather than Recovery. Most players have discovered that Recovery is more useful stat then the rest.

There has been a debate on Bungie forum and a request by players to re-roll the stat on their armor to make suitable for players desire.

To address that request developers will offer such a feature in the future. Again, no date has been mentioned for this update but expect these changes to appear for the players. There will be two major updates this month, and another update will be arriving in January focusing on the endgame.

Masterwork armor may or may not be included in January, nothing is certain yet. Bungie has promised its players that more updates and changes will take care of the negative feedback and complaints that have been made since Destiny 2 launch.

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