Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough Guide – Locate Cayde-6, How To Defeat Hapax The Convergent Mind

Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough Guide will help you with the Looped Mission in Destiny 2 that tasks players to locate Cayde-6 and rescue him, as it will not be a simple rescue mission.

In Destiny 2 Looped mission players are tasked with locating Cayde-6 on Nessus that is full of Vex who are trigger-happy species and will attack anything. Players will not only find Cayde-6 but also they will also have to face the Hapax the Convergent Mind and that is where Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough Guide comes in.

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Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough Guide will detail everything that players need to locate Cayde-6 and defeat the boss, Hapax the Convergent Mind, to complete the mission.

Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough

Artifact’s Edge

Failsafe Plan
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Not Recommended

Drop the energy chute and leap off from the top of the Tower. Follow the signal to the rocks and go right up with the ravine to the wrecked ship. Climb on the hull of the ship and the Ghost will interface with a terminal. Exit the area and follow the signal.


Vex Portal
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Drop into the large hole at the surface of the Hallows. Follow the waypoint to a circular part of the subterranean area and you will notice some strange structure. Cayde will be hanging around, he is blinked out of the existence, and a squad of Vex appears. Take care of them. As you finish them more will appear and a larger Vex robot and two more will come along with more goblins after that.

Finish the battle, follow the waypoint out of the Hallows, and make your way into the depths of the icy rock ahead.

Sunken Cavern

Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Not Recommended

Make your way through the connecting tunnel and make some precise jumps landing on the huge floating block and the sections of the wall to reach the massive curved floor structure.

Vex Plateau
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Keep going ahead along the cover of the rocky Plateau and there will be enemies in the area nearby. Use a sniper rifle to take care of them and lay waste to them all. Keep moving ahead while moving from cover to cover.

With the enemies taken care of, players will have another couple of vertical drops to a very low floating plateau. Make your way inside the triangle shaped entrance and peer over the bottomless edge. Traverse the circular cavern of floating platforms and reach the teleport gate.

Well of Giants

Hapax the Convergent Mind
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Enter the cavern and jump across to a natural arch. Pass around it and leap towards the triangular exit door. Ride the energy well down to a big lower platform. Cayde will appear again but Hapax, The Convergent Mind, will interrupt the chitchat. This is sort of a boss fight.

Hapax, The Convergent Mind is your priority target and the area will be swarming with Goblins. The combat will conclude quickly once you defeat Hapax. Goblins will be continuously pouring into the area and of your are efficient enough then you will have very little time concentrating on Hapax.

Hapax will have an impenetrable shield around it and players will have to hit the central eye through the vertical gaps that is the Hapax’s weak spot. Snipers sound good in theory but other foes will attack you preventing you from taking an accurate shot.

Once the health has dropped to the one-third, Hapax will teleport to a different location. Also, use your super as often as you could. As the Hapax dies do not go to claim the reward because his head will explode which can kill you. Cayde will explain how to free him and the mission ends.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Looped Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to get to Cayde-6 and defeat the Hapax the Convergent Mind.

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