Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide – Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons, Power Weapons, Kinetic Weapons

In this Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide, we have listed and explained the details of all the Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2. If you have played Destiny 1, you will know that Legendary Weapons are amazing and they deal massive damage.

To own a Legendary Weapon in Destiny is the ultimate dream of every player and they work hard for it. For your knowledge, we have curated this Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide, which lists all the deadly Legendary Weapons with their details and special perks which come with them.

We have listed them according to their categories, which are Energy, Kinetic, Melee and Power. These are the weapons we currently know about and we will continue to update this, as we find more.

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Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide details everything that you need to know about Legendary Weapons.

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons

Destiny 2 Legendary Energy Weapons

Scout Rifle – Black Scorpion – 4SR
This is a balanced scout rifle. The best thing about this is that unlike traditional scout rifles, it features full-auto fire and deadly accuracy. Kill your enemies from a distance with accuracy and if you miss the first bullet, next one will make sure that he is dead. It is reloaded quickly and has high movement speed while aiming down making it a formidable close quarter weapon.

Pulse Rifle – Nergal PR4
Nergal PR4 features full auto fire when you hold down the trigger. You can use this weapon in two ways. Accurate one hit shots or fast burst fires for blind firing at the enemy. This on the go switching makes this weapon very easy to handle. Coupled with high damage and decent range, this is a deadly weapon to own.

Auto Rifle – Deathstalker – 4U
The unique feature if this weapon is faster reload speed when it is completely out of bullets plus a built-in weapon sway-reduction system which increases accuracy when firing. Just pull the trigger and forget about letting go. Watch as your enemies die in front of your eyes.

Submachine Gun – Red Mamba – 3MG
Red Mamba – 3MG is very accurate and easy to handle. For a submachine gun, this is very accurate and easier to handle. Best if you use it in short and controlled bursts for maximum damage.

Submachine Gun – Phosphorus MG4
This submachine gun features the best handling in the game. In addition, an additional bonus is that when you kill someone using melee while this gun us equipped, the kill will reload a portion of your gun’s magazine. Decent damage coupled with best handling makes it the easiest gun to use in the game.

Hand Canon – Suros GJS–42
Do not early reload this gun as it will waste the remaining ammo in the magazine but when it is reloaded is packs quite a punch. First shot is all it takes to kill with this baby. First shot is more accurate, deadly and it will travel more distance. Make it count.

Sidearm – Urchin – 3SI
Boasting high accuracy and high damage, this is the sidearm you want to pop those heads. Quick reloads back you up when empty. Excellent weapon for quick kills.

Destiny 2 Legendary Melee Weapons

Sword – Negative Space
Sometimes you just want to make it personal and go for a good ole melee shot. For such situations, Negative Space will make sure you always win and do not end up being someone’s sandwich. Pressing R2 will uppercut the enemy and then swing Negative Space. Each hit will increase its damage.

Legendary Power Weapons

Rocket Launcher – Morrigon-D
Great for crowd control, Morrigon – D shoots a bunch of small auto-tracking missiles to hunt down targets. Nothing says hello better to the entire enemy team than a rocket in the face. Quick aiming down, high damage, multiple damage, aiming sights and some blasted to pieces enemies are the best aspects of Morrigon-D Rocket launcher.

Grenade Launcher – Berenger’s Memory
When you use some other weapon with this equipped, it will auto-reload in your pocket. Once loaded, spray your enemies with grenades, which will stick to them or surfaces and will wait for enemies to come close. Good for crowd control.

Grenade Launcher – Flash and Thunder
To increase you reload speeds, simply crouch. This boasts high damage, blinding enemies on explosion and easy handling.

Grenade Launcher – NADDOD – D
When wounded, this grenade launcher will make you feel better by automatically reloading and readying some parting gifts for your enemies. Fire away and land some explosive payback on your shooters.

Shotgun – Retrofuturist
When you holster this shotgun, it will automatically reload after some time. Good handling, quick reloads, high damage are just some of the features of this shotgun. Excellent partner for your long excursions in space.

Shotgun – Hawthorne’s Field Forged Shotgun
When on low health, press down the trigger and some shots will fire at full-auto. Decent handling and quick reload speed compliment the low stability and short magazine.

Fusion Rifle – Main Ingredient
When you kill an enemy with this fusion rifle, you will get a temporary damage boost so if you manage to get three kills in a row, you get maximum boost. Use it for long times for maximum damage boost.

Linear Fusion Rifle – Tarantula – 3FR
One bullet of Tarantula 3FR will penetrate one enemy and travel to kill another enemy. Look for two birds with one stone opportunities and bask in glory. High amount or damage and insane amount of accuracy makes sure that the enemies escape your scope very few times. It has low reload speed and is a little difficult to handle to make sure to be a little conservative with firing.

Sniper Rifle – Show of Force
This is a traditional sniper rifle featuring high damage and high recoil. Short magazine size but every bullet is a sure kill. Bullets travel to insane amount of distance and they will one-hit kill the enemies very easily.

Sniper Rifle – Copperhead -4SN
This rifle is good for running and sniping. Very easy to handle and a high reloading speed makes sure you are back in action quickly after running out of bullets. Bullets do decent amount of damage and they travel a fair distance.

Legendary Kinetic Weapons

Auto Rifle – Scathelocke
Keep the finger on the trigger pressed hard with Scathelocke because as the ammo depletes, damage and stability will keep on increasing. Do not worry about running out ammo when you are using this auto rifle. Keep the rigger pressed hard.

Pulse Rifle – Lincoln Green
Land each bullet on your enemies to earn a quick reload with this gun. Weapon drawing is also quick making it as quick as a sidearm. High firing stability and good handling are also part of its characteristics.

Pulse Rifle – Nightshade
Pulse Rifle not only features amazing handling and a super-fast reload, it also enhance your own mobility. You will move faster when you equip this gun. This coupled with insane handling of the gun; you will be mowing down your enemies like grass.

Scout Rifle – Does Not Compute
This is a little difficult to handle and it also lowers your own speed a bit but when you fire the bullet, it will travel to a great distance and annihilate anything that it hits. It has a very damage bullet.

Submachine Gun – The Showrunner
It will increase your mobility and has good stability. This stability will increase as the clips gets closer to emptying. Good for killing enemies in quick secession.

Hand Cannon – Bad News
Bad News has a very high damage output. It will recoil too much after each hit so be prepared when firing. In addition, when you look through the sights, it will acquire targets very quickly and the bullets travel a great distance.

Hand Cannon – Better Devils
Every bullet explodes on impact. Enough said. This perk makes it a great gun for crowd control.

Sidearm – The Needle
Spray the bullets on your enemies and the stability will keep increasing.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons Guide. We will continuously update this guide as we find new weapons. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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