Destiny 2 Lectern of Enchantment Guide – Phantasmal Fragments, Essence Items Locations

During the course of the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep campaign, you’ll get access to the Lectern of Enchantment that can be...

During the course of the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep campaign, you’ll get access to the Lectern of Enchantment that can be used to craft gear and Moon weapons.  You can use it next to Eris Morn on Moon Sanctuary and complete daily bounties. This covers all you need to know regarding the Lectern and where to find items that come with it.

Destiny 2 Lectern of Enchantment

The Lectern of Enchantment is available as a table next to Eris Morn after you acquire the Cryptoglyph during the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep campaign. Below we have summarised all the uses of this new addition to Destiny 2

Phantasmal Fragments
You can’t start reforging Gear with the Lectern right away. You need Phantasmal Fragments if you wish to exchange materials for armor with Eris. These can be collected from dead nightmare enemies or for 25 Helium Fragments at the Lectern of Enchantment. Nightmare enemies are marked by red mists on the Moon or you can also encounter them while doing Lost Sectors across all the destinations in Destiny 2.

Doing daily Moon bounties is also a good source of these.  These bounties are completed in specific ways such as through performing finishing moves. Sorrow’s Harbor is a known farming place of Phantasmal fragments as well since it constantly spawns Nightmare bosses which can drop these.

Phantasmal Cores can also be obtained for 20 Phantasmal Fragments at the Lectern and through weekly Moon bounties.

Essence Items Locations

Essences are used to make weapons and are mostly on the Moon. They work like bounties since they have their own objectives. For the armor pieces, you earn the armor essences during the story (you actually need to do these to finish the story) and the weapon essences drop post-campaign.  Each essence item has certain requirements and we have listed them below

Essence of Brutality (Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon)
Finish Moon activities and try to get Hand Cannon kills. To get the Nechromantic Strand head to Archer’s Line and the door that leads to the Moon. The equipment is being guarded by a Wizard in a round area.

Essense of Failure (Arc Logic Auto Rifle)
To cleanse this Essence, you need to do Patrols, Public Events and Lost Sectors on the Moon.  You also need to get 50 Auto-Rifle kills and find the Captive Chord. You can get it from the roof of a building that is southeast of Sorrow’s Harbor.

Essence of Greed (A Fine Memorial Machine Gun)
Finish the same Moon activities as the previous essence and try to get Machine Gun kills. You also get Ethereal Charms from the Temple of Crota.  It’s hidden underneath some trash in the room marked by a lantern that has sunk into the floor.

Essence of Insanity (Love and Death Grenade Launcher)
Finish off enemies with Grenade Launcher hits during Strikes, Gambit or the Crucible. You need to acquire the Bound Manacle from a building in the Hellmouth. It’s black with a doorway marked by a green glow. Go inside and downstairs to fight the Hive Knight and get this part.

Essence of Obscurity (Every Waking Moment Submachine Gun)
Complete Moon activities while getting SMG kills. You also need to get the Withered Plumes from the underground tunnels section of the Circle of Bones. They’re in the large pit being guarded by the Hive.

Essence of Rage (One Small Step Shotgun)
Make use of your Melee attack and Supergrenades for final blows on enemies when you’re on the Moon. You need the Fangs of Shun’Gath which you can find at the Worlds Grave.

Essence of Servitude (Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle)
Takedown Vex on the Moon and try to get kills with the Fusion Rifle. You need to get the Ralniks Hatchet from Traitors Ketch as it is the required piece of equipment for this Essence.

Essence of Jealousy (Night Terror Sword)
Do Moon activities like before to get this blade and get some Sword kills. You’ll need the Ralniks Hatchet which you can get by going to the Fallen Ketch and killing the Fallen Captain.

Essence of Vanity (Tranquility Sniper Rifle)
Complete the Moon activities while racking in Sniper Rifle kills. You need to get the Horned Wreath from the Chamber of Night. This is to the right of the Circle Of Bones’ underground pit. You have to fight an Unstoppable Orge before you can get this piece of equipment.

Getting Nightmare Essence
The Nightmare Essence rewards you with the Dreambane armor that greatly reduces the damage you take from enemy attacks. Finish certain Moon quests to get this Essence. You get the first two pieces “Essence of Anguish” and “Essence of Despair” pretty early on and the rest are available by going through the Shadowkeep story or acquired from the Lectern of Enchantment.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Lectern of Enchantment

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