Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Strike Guide

Even though this mission is slightly complicated, this Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Strike Guide will be your constant companion as you move through waves and waves of Wretches, Dregs and the plethora of other enemies with their unrelenting onslaught. You will be provided with numerous tips and tricks as well as recommendations to ease your journey through the Square and the Reservoir.

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Destiny 2 Lake of Shadows Strike

Trostland and Maevic Square

Three Plaza Control
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Fight the Cabal and Fallen forces in the cemetery courtyard south of the church. Try to focus on the Centurion first followed by the Legionaries and the Wretches.

Eventually, try to move through eastward to the street which links Trostland to Maevic Square.

When you get to the plaza, you will spot your first Taken incursion and will have to simultaneously deal with a multitude of Centurions, Phalanxes, and Psions.

You need to remove the Blight domes but your weapons will only work if you are within the dome. Prioritize the Centurions as you make your way to the dome.

Shotguns are especially effective at quickly demolishing the bulbs within the dome. After this go northeast and kill all the enemies at the second blight.

Take the Hobgoblins out from a distance to avoid getting sniped. Also, remember to avoid the Black ooze as it will deal damage. After this, you will face your first Sub-Boss of the mission.

Take out the Taken Goblins first as they can link together to increase their protection.

The named Taken centurion should be concentrated on after that. Grenades are quite helpful as the enemies are all bunched up. After you clear the mess of enemies, move on to the Reservoir which will be accessible now.

The Reservoir

Hunting the Source
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Charge into the Taken rift wall in the north dam chamber and take out all the enemies in there by staying at range and clearing the area methodically.

Be careful of the Sub Boss captain that will soon appear. Use a well-timed Super to help you in the fight and then rain down fire on him until he dies. Try to move around in the tight space to avoid getting hit.

After this, you move on to an exterior gantry way and kill a lot of Hobgoblins, Psions and the likes. Move at moderate speed to have time to react as they come in your way and easily take down all of them.

The Taken Knight that will eventually appear will have a shield around him because of which you will need your Super to take him down.

After killing him and his minions, keep on moving forward and eliminating enemies until you arrive at another Sub-Boss known as the toughened Taken Wizard.

At this time your Super should have recharged so use it to take down the gantry chamber enemies and then wear him down slowly and methodically.

Now move to the connecting generator chamber and remove the enemy threats from the area, ascending slowly to the location of the Taken source.

Boss Fight
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Take out the source in the chamber and mop up the infantry until the Gor’ath Gath appears. Remember that his weak spot is his head so try to focus it as much as you can.

Use your super at the start of the fight so it recharges before the fight is over and you can use it again. Try to find a perfect balance between attacking the boss and killing his minions around him.

If the Boss’ shield is up, then circle strafe around him to get a clear shot of his head. As the fight goes on, Gor’ath Gath’s projectiles become better and more devastating so it becomes increasingly important to focus your attention on dodging them a bit more.

He can teleport short distances and summon tethers to suppress you and slow you down. He can also use his shield to bounce you around so beware of all of these when fighting this abhorrent creature.
Keep on removing his health in a slow manner by keeping the focus on his head. Remove his taken infantry when they are spawned first and beware of him trying to use his shield blast (dodge by jumping) and continue attacking him until he is dead, concluding the mission.

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