Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide – Custom Key Mappings, All Hotkeys, Key Bindings

In this Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide, we will guide you on the Key Bindings in Destiny 2. We have listed all the keys that are set by default as well as how you can change the default key bindings to you the custom choice of keys in the Key Mapping section of this Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide.

Although the game follows the traditional FPS key settings, some of the unique features offered by Destiny 2 will be a little confusing for you. Therefore, we have curated this Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide for you to easily understand the key bindings and setting up custom key mappings.

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Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide

Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide details everything you need to know about Key Bindings and Key Mappings in Destiny 2.

Key Bindings

Destiny 2 follows the traditional key bindings for most of its commands. You move around using WASD while the arrow keys are used for emotes. You aim and shoot with the mouse, click 1 is for firing while click 2 is for aiming down the sights for accuracy. The mouse wheel is used to switch between the weapons. Throw Grenades with the Q button. E is for interacting with things while R Key is bound to weapon reloading.

Next, up is sprinting and crouching. You sprint with left Shift key while Left Ctrl is used for crouching. Tab key summons the Ghost. Space is used for jumping. 1, 2 and 3 are used to select desired weapons. 1 key is for Kinetic Weapons, 2 is for Energy Weapons while 3 is for Power Weapons.

Now for some advanced features. Pressing the F1 Key brings up the Character menu, F Key is used for your Super Ability while X is used for the Air Move. If you want to Melee someone, press the C key. G is used to highlight players while V is used for your Class Ability. These are all the Keys you need to use while playing The Destiny 2.

Key Mapping

Each Key in Destiny 2 is fully customized as long as they are not conflicting with each other. You can change the Keys anytime to your will by accessing the Key Mapping tab in the Settings menu. If you are at the main menu, simply select the settings tab otherwise in the game, press the Esc Key and you will see the menu. Choose Settings and then Key Mapping.

On the Left side, you will see a list of all the Keys that are currently set. Simply select the Key, which you want to change and then press your desired Key. It is as simple as that. However, make sure they Keys are not conflicting with each other otherwise the game will not let you save the new Key setup.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Key Bindings Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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