Destiny 2 Javelin-4 Crucible Map Guide

In this Destiny 2 Javelin-4 Crucible Map Guide, we will tell you everything there is to know about Javelin-4 Crucible Map Guide. Crucible is Destiny’s PvP mode and it is played across a variety of maps with exciting game modes.

Javelin-4 is one of such maps, which is played in the Crucible. In this Destiny 2 Javelin-4 Crucible Map Guide, we have detailed everything that you need to know about the map.

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Destiny 2 Javelin-4 Crucible Map

Javelin-4 is located in the Warsat Launch Facility on Io. It supports both Quick Play and Competitive Playlists. Javelin-4 features a very large single exterior area surrounded by a sheer drop. Avoid the edges at all costs. Apart from this, there is not really much cover on the exteriors so the outside battles are more intense.

Inside of the map features some interior spaces featuring clean lines and sharp corners. These tight spots are excellent for short-range combat as well as perfect sniping lanes. Just like other maps, this map also benefits player of each playstyle. You can have a balance between short to mid to long-range weapons and you can do well on this map.

Game Modes

This map supports both Quick Play and Competitive playlists. During Crucible, you will play Survival, Clash, Supremacy, and Control on this map. Each game mode will have their own unique variations in the map but the main map will remain the same so you should be familiar with the areas in each map.

The Javelin-4 comprises of nine main locations, which are mentioned below:

Fuel is a starting point for a team and has three points of entry. It is one of the large interior spaces on the map. This area has very good cover options.

Glass is a small flanking and sniping area. The central pillar provides cover to the sniper as well as a good view into Fuel making it a good sniping location.

Inner Ring
Inner Ring connects five adjacent areas and is a very busy movement lane.

Station provides excellent cover options and a good vantage point. This area is vulnerable to splash damage attacks and has very few escape routes.

Station can only be entered from the Inner Ring, and its small size makes it optimal for someone to take advantage of using a shotgun.

The last decisive overtime round of Survival takes place in Rocket. This is the deadliest of all areas with most of the battles taking place here. Open ceiling gives vertical freedom while many cover options and escape routes make this area a perfect battle arena.

Stairs connect Generators and Outer Ring. It is a flanking route and it provides a good opportunity to ambush enemies.

Generators is also one of the big interior areas. It has many cover options with many flanking routes. It also provides good sniping vantage points for Rocket and Outer Ring.

Outer Ring
Outer Ring is an open movement lane and a battle zone. Most of the battles taking place here are the finishing battles that start in other areas.

Pipes connect Fuel and Rockwall to Outer Ring so it is a good ambush location for enemies coming from these locations. It is mostly suited for short-range combat.

Rockwall has no cover but it has good vantage points. It is mostly used as a movement lane. Very few battles happen here.

Any Guardian here can be easily flanked as it features open ground and access from multiple adjoining areas. Long-range combat is mostly suited for this area as you can be hit from adjoining areas. It offers limited cover but is also a decent vantage point.

Center has a decent amount of cover. It gives access to an interior corridor and it is mostly a chokepoint.

Pad is a team’s starting point located on the outside. It is a large area with a little bit of cover in the middle. The area provides some really good vantage points as the area is open.

Power Ammo Locations

  • During Control, one of the two Power Ammo locations will be located in Fuel while the other one will be located in Generators.
  • During a game of Supremacy, one of Power Ammo spawn locations will be Fuel, the second one will be in Inner Ring while the last one will spawn in Pad.
  • During Clash, one of the Power Ammo locations is Fuel, the second one spawns in Inner Ring while the last one spawns in Pad.
  • During Countdown, Power Ammo will spawn in Apartments.
  • During a game of Survival, Power Ammo will spawn in Center.

Capture Point Locations

During a game of Control, this map will feature three Capture Points. Capture Point A will be located at Fuel; Capture Point B will be located at Station, while Capture Point C will be located at Pad.

Remember, B is a very suffocating area of the map, and that makes it really hard to hold due to the constant barrage of incoming grenades and rockets. If you lose it, don’t try to care too much about it, try to farm as many points as you can by capturing an alternative point.

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