Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide

The Iron Banner is back, for the first time in the new iteration of the game. The new map known as Distant Shores is set up on Nessus and looks beautiful. This Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide will give you useful tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of 7 days of playing the Iron Banner.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner

The Iron Banner is one of the more interesting PvP events, and if you haven’t maxed out your power level, you want to stay away from this as far as possible. See, unlike other PvP activities, your light level matters a lot. So, if you’re at 750, getting ready to fight someone above 900; prepare to get steamrolled like never before.

The event will pop up and stay until the next week’s reset. It revolves around the usual ‘Capture Objective’ scheme, the team with the most points will win.

Focus on the Objective
Objectives will be much better for gaining points than anything else you can do. Try to have at least two control points under your team when in control mode and it will make it easier to hunt down enemies who will spawn on the third point.

Stay Together
Staying together is really important, especially because the combat is 4 on 4. A well-practiced team will absolutely wreck you if you try to go solo. Flank opponents and support your team as much as you can and that will be incredibly beneficial for everyone.

Don’t Waste your SUPER
Super should be all about timing. If you manage to get a Power Play, you can easily net up to 12 points from a well-timed SUPER as you will have a 3x bonus and there might be four enemies trying to take a point. Remember to practice restraint and reap the rewards.

Communication can be extremely important. Try to use your headset and microphone to relay information to your team as much as you can. However, remember to not be too overzealous. Find the perfect balance between calling enemies and letting your teammates focus.

Iron Banner Bounties

Oath of the Pack
Defeat a total of 100 opponents whilst being assisted by a teammate.
Reward: 50 tokens, Pinnacle Gear, and XP.

Victory Banners
Complete matches in Iron Banner, wins grant greater progress.
Reward: 50 tokens, XP

An Arsenal of Tricks
Clear out opponents with final blow using any ability in your arsenal. Bonus progress earned using supers.
Reward: 50 tokens, Pinnacle Gear, and XP.

The Rout
Take out enemies in Iron banner, bonus progress for taking out enemies with higher power level.
Reward: 50 tokens, Pinnacle Gear, and XP.

Reward System

  • Completing matches you will be awarded with Iron Banner Tokens to give to Lord Saladin. Wins will obviously award more tokens; but you will still receive some even if you lose. Usually, you will get 5 tokens for a win and 2 for a loss. You also get 15 tokens if you manage to complete the daily milestone.
  • You can earn more tokens by completing weekly bounties related to the Iron Banner.
  • Players can earn the emblem by completing a series of objectives during the Iron Banner event (Turn in 20 tokens).
  • Earn 20 tokens and you can get a ‘Rank Up Reward’ from Saladin. If you rank up Saladin 10 times, you will be rewarded with a ‘Seasonal Milestone’. You can easily earn the Milestone if you complete your daily milestones and do not play any extra PvP.
  • Each season, there will be a unique reward once you complete the seasonal quest, the quest will however fail once the season is over should you leave it incomplete. Progress will carry over however, if you have completed the quest.

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