Destiny 2 Iron Banner Details Leaked Ahead Of Event’s Start Next Month

Iron Banner event will return in Destiny 2 and Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 Iron Banner event will start in October. Bungie has not revealed anything regarding the Iron Banner Event but, fans have found some details regarding Destiny 2 Iron Banner event from the game’s database.

There will be minor Spoilers for Destiny 2 Iron Banner so stop right here if you don’t want it spoiled. One of the details that players found is a quest that is associated with the Iron banner which hints that Lord Saladin will again be the vendor for Iron Banner.

According to the leaked details, Lady Efrideet will not be featured in the event and Saladin will take her place and will appear at “the Iron Banner grounds underneath the Traveler”. Also, it seems that weekly and daily bounties will not make a comeback, which makes sense since Destiny 2 features milestones instead of bounties.

Furthermore, the event will have a daily milestone that will see players completing 3 challenges that will earn them a reward in the form of Reputation Bundle. The leaked details also show two Iron Banner themed emblems.

Gamers have been enjoying Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid which is quite difficult especially the Pleasure Gardens trial which is even difficult to complete with a full strike team. However, the trial has been completed by a duo, the prolific tag team Epicookiez and Slayerage.

Also, many Xbox One users have reported that there are few events in Destiny 2 in which the players are experiencing dramatic FPS drops. These events include Hive event on Titan, Vex, Cabal, Fallen Events on Nessus, Fallen Event on EDZ, and certain parts of the Leviathan Raid.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch in October.

Source: Reddit

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