Destiny 2 Illusory Barrier Locations Guide

To help you out with finding the Illusory Barriers in Destiny 2 so you can complete the Week 5 Seasonal Challenges, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be walking you through the exact locations of all three Illusory Barriers.

Destiny 2 Illusory Barrier Locations

Before you go out searching for the Illusory Barriers, you need to know what they actually look like. These barriers are basically rocks on the wall that have a slight purple glow. Since the glow isn’t very strong, you’ll have to look very carefully for them.

Each Shattered Realm mission has an Illusory Barrier hidden in it. The reason you need to find these barriers is to complete the ‘Deceiving Appearances’ challenge.

For this challenge, you’ll need to break open these Illusory Barriers and then activate six beacons.

To open up the Illusory Barrier, you’ll have to use Ager’s Scepter. When you open them up, an Ascendant Anchor or chest will be uncovered.

Now that you know what you need to do with these Illusory Barriers, let’s dive into their exact locations.

Illusory Barrier Location #1

The first Illusory Barrier is in The Derelict Shipyard. From your spawn point, turn around and fly towards the opening you see in the wall that has a small ledge. From here, take the path to the left and invoke True Sight.

As you follow this path upwards, you’ll encounter a trio of Wraiths. These Wraiths are guarding the Illusory Barrier. They’ll be very easy to take down, so there’s nothing to worry about here.

Once you’ve taken them down, break through the Illusory Barrier using Ager’s Scepter and collect the Ascendant Anchor on the other side.

Illusory Barrier Location #2

The second Illusory Barrier in The Shattered Enclave. From your spawn point, turn around and go through the dark opening in the wall.

Now, take a sharp right turn and move forward. Drop all the way down onto the platform at the bottom and then jump to the tunnel in front of you.

Go down the path to the left from here and you’ll find the Illusory Barrier. Break it using Ager’s Scepter, just like you did with the previous one and collect the Ascendant Anchor.

Illusory Barrier Location #3

The final Illusory Barrier is in The Ruined Outpost. Jump down to the area below the outpost where you see a few Corrupted Raiders present. If you don’t have time to fight them, you can simply just run through them to go into the opening behind them.

Once through, turn left and walk down the path around the edge to find the final Illusory Barrier. Break it using Ager’s Scepter and collect the final Ascendant Anchor.

Once you’ve collected all three Ascendant Anchors, your mission now is to align six different beacons in the Shattered Realm. Once you do that, the ‘Deceiving Appearances’ Week 5 challenge will be complete.