Destiny 2 Hotfix Released By Bungie, Lots Of Fixes

Bungie has released Destiny 2 hotfix today, carrying with it a lot of fixes for a lot of factors in the game.

Bungie has just released Destiny 2 Hotfix, and there’s a lot to cover in it. Thankfully, the studio has also released the patch notes. The patch seems focused mainly on class adjustments, along with fixes to some armor, weapons, Stasis adjustments, and ways to keep players invested in the game.

Activities-wise, the update has changed around Presage, Wrathborn Hunts, Destinations, and Battlegrounds. In Presage, an issue has been fixed where players could respawn in the void by accident. Wrathborn Hunts will no longer show players “Immune” when they shoot the High Celebrant.

Destinations has fixed issues where players would die if they stand in a particular spot at the Quitter’s Well in Tangled Shore, and issues on Europa that keep Scan and Heroic VIP Patrols from spawning have also been fixed. Finally, Battlegrounds issues for infinite Super energy regeneration, incorrectly played dialogue, and Cabal flamethrower usage have also been fixed.

Getting onto the class fixes in Destiny 2 hotfix, the Hunter’s Shatterdive and Withering Blade abilities have been changed. Titans have had their Glacial Quake and Shiver Strike abilities fixed, and Warlocks have had four abilities (Winter’s Wrath, Penumbral Blast, Iceflare Bolts, and Chaos Reach) adjusted as well.

General tuning for the Stasis damage type introduced with the Beyond Light expansion has adjusted the Duskfield Grenade, Stasis Crystals, and Whisper of Chains as well. All of these have had various effects reduced, such as the Stasis Crystals having shatter damage against players reduced (their PVE damage remains unchanged).

There’s a lot more in the Destiny 2 Hotfix than what we have here, but thankfully Bungie has put out the patch notes for it, so if you’re looking for more specifics on a lot of the things we covered here (and a lot of things we didn’t), you can find them by following this link.

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