Destiny 2 Hope Walkthrough

This Destiny 2 Hope Walkthrough Guide will provide you all that you could possibly need to complete the Destiny 2 Hope mission. Stuff such as grenades, super and recommended Power and Level required before each mission is provided so you know what you are getting into from the start. Remember to read our other Destiny 2 guides so that you can get through all of the missions with ease.

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Destiny 2 Hope

Sinking Docks, Seas of Titan

Initial Superstructure
Grenades: Not Recommended; Super: Not Required

You have to secure the shipyard’s command center, located on one of the rig islands. Start by jumping to clear any gantry gaps you see.

Careful landing and Movement mode is required to avoid the seas. Get inside the red vertical piling tower and shoot the secretions while moving to the top. Finally, leap across the entrance marked ‘Kemphaan’ and enter.

Kemphaan Rig
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Optional

When you see the Hive Thralls, back up while shooting them in the head. Do the same in the next chamber. You can back up into the previous chamber to avoid being mauled and use your melee attack as a last resort as well.

When you have killed everyone, turn right at the entrance right of the large pipes and defeat the Thralls in the storage chamber before exiting to another gantry platform.

Poelruiter Rig
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Leap across the gaps to the ‘Poelruiter’ rig. At the doorway near “Bay 3”, begin a sweep of Hive Acolytes. You can take them out slowly using well-aimed gunfire or jump up and use the alternative, more aggressive method. Try to shoot them in the head and throw grenades if you can to quickly wipe them out.

Now drop down to the metal cargo platform and take out the thralls. Three Acolytes on the lower platform are your main task.

They are followed by five more on the gantry steps to the left. After you kill them, ascend a vertigo inducing set go steps and go into the circular doorway.

Enter the corridor with the green fire. Rush the small steps on the left to drop a grenade that injures all the Thralls, Knights and Acolytes.

The Knight is your priority, strike his head and wait for his shield to dissipate. After this kill the Knight but watch out for his Boomer weapon that has wide spreading projectiles.

Head farther into upper cargo bay after clearing the last level, if the Knight by the Hive nest is heading your way then make him your priority otherwise kill the Acolytes first. After this, head to the tube gantry on the right linking you to Siren’s Watch.

Siren’s Watch

Main Cargo Bay
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Optional

Acquire a grenade launcher; use it to defeat the eight Thralls on the exterior gantry steps ahead, and left of you. Head forward towards the main Hive forces where you will have to beat Thralls, eight Acolytes and two Knights.

Don’t charge into enemies and the knights will arrive one by one. After this, find the open door leading to an interior nest chamber with Hive sacs. This area is across a small Comm Tower called 02.

Spawn Pod Chamber
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

To destroy the yellow egg sacs around the camber, produce your grenade launcher and destroy most of the enemies from the entrance. After this slowly clear the lower ground until the area is cleared completely. After this, move to the Computer Room to demolish the Hive forces there.

A grenade is useful here to quickly wipe out the enemies Keep on killing enemies until you get to the spawn pod chamber doorway.

Command Center Climb
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

Head to the pallet of luggage and use it as cover while you fight the Acolytes. The command center is the place where the additional Acolytes are appearing. Hide behind cover as you slowly kill everyone. Head to the low roof attached to the Comm Tower and leap the gap to the upper metal steps towards the left side of the orange pipes. On the roof is the last major battle.

First, defeat the eight Acolytes and the Knight. Use the cover to get onto the roof platform. After the first wave, another wave featuring the Sub Boss Ubara arrives.

To beat Ubara, cover either side of the square shaped platform hole. Spring to the raised section of the roof and clear it of the Acolytes to acquire a height advantage.

Throw a grenade at the Sub boss if you can and use your Super too. Otherwise focus on the Acolytes and destroy the Ubara last. When this is over, head over to the command center door and open it using Ghost to meat Zavala. This concludes the mission.

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