Destiny 2 Homecoming Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Homecoming Walkthrough will help you with the very first mission in Destiny 2 and will help you navigate through the Tower and Cabal Command ship in the very first mission of the Destiny 2.

The Last City on Earth is under attack by the Cabal Red Legion and players have to battle forth to defend it against the invading Cabal forces and take back the City and The Tower.

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Destiny 2 Homecoming

Homecoming is the very first mission in which the Last City on Earth is under attack by the Cabal Red Legion and players have to battle forth to defend it.

Tower Watch

Super: N/A; Grenades: N/A
Once the cutscene is over make your way ahead and two Cabals will break through the wall. Kill them and you will find more of them around the corner, however, these Cabals will be charging to back off while shooting. Make your way ahead and you will be ambushed by a Cabal Legionary, take care of him and you will encounter Cayde-6.

Upper Corridors And Bay 04
Super: N/A; Grenades: Recommended

Make your way up the stairs and you will see Lord Shaxx tending to the citizens. Now enter the armory, grab a weapon, make your way down through the stairs ahead, and take care of the incoming Legionaries. Make way along the corridor and pass through the burning debris.

Once you reach the Bay 04, make your way above the metal steps by jumping through the gap and grabbing the upper walkway. Now continue up and into the Tower Hangar.

Tower Hangar

Storage Hangar
Super: N/A; Grenades: Optional

Once the Ghost eliminates the dark Storage hangar, enter this gantry. Here players will be greeted by a Cabal Centurion and a Cabal drop pod. Finish them off and as you get to the exit, you will encounter more of them so finish them off and make your way to Main Hangar.

Main hangar
Super: Optional; Grenades: Recommended

Go past the Cabal command vessel and inside the open large hangar. Here you will encounter more of the cabals and once you are done with them and exit the Gantry.

Tower Plaza

Repelling Three Assaults
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Make your way up the Plaza where you will find Zavala fighting the Red Legion. Here you will have to defend the Tower for a while avoiding the periodic missile fire from a nearby ship. Once you take care of all the enemies here, Zavala will ask you to go ahead.

Continue to the far right side of the plaza near the entrance to the Tower Boulevard where the speaker resides.

Tower North

Ikora Encounter
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

As you enter the North side of the Tower, you will encounter Ikora who will take down a ship and make your way into the Boulevard are after taking care of some Cabal.

Tower Boulevard
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Here you will face a new type of Cabal, The Incendior, take care of him and a cluster of Cabal Legionaries. Players will find themselves at a large tiled plaza balcony along with a host of Cabal. Kill them all to open the door ahead and board the ship with Amanda Holliday.

The Chosen

Drop Pod Bay And Upper Deck
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Optional

Make your way up the chute from where the Cabal Drop pods are coming. Enter the command ship and Legionaries, take care of them, will greet you and access the Hologram Terminal using the Ghost and your objective will be updated.

Now make your way inside the deck interior where you will face more Legionaries and other enemies. Dispense of them and you will encounter a Sub-Boss. Once you are done with this Sub-Boss finish other Legionaries and move ahead.

Main Exterior Deck
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

Make your way to the exterior deck and prepare for some intense firefight with the Red Legion. Once you have cleared the area, continue ahead where you will encounter more of them, kill them and make your way ahead inside the ship’s interior via a wide corridor tunnel ahead.

Cargo Bay Descent
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Not Recommended

Down the corridor you will face more Cabal, kill them all and you will encounter an Incendior ahead and above you. Once you are done, look out and down at the ledge below the entrance from where you arrived. Here you will find more Cabal kill them and more of them will be below. Jump down and take them on. Once all are dead, jump down to the Cargo bay floor and go towards the door.

You will encounter another sub-boss at the door. Engage him and kill him and head down the cargo corridor and a few feet ahead more Cabal will try to kill you but you are one who will be successful. Once Enemies are dead, door to the shield generator will open and another Sub-Boss will come at you. Kill this sub-boss, go through the door that he was guarding, and stay at the upper lip.

The objective will be to destroy the three thermal vents while avoiding being killed by three massive rotating arms. Once the vents are overloaded, you will have to escape the ship by leaping out of the chamber and back on the cargo bay corridor. As you reach the edge of the command ship, you will face the Cabal leader himself.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Homecoming Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to navigate through the Tower and the Cabal Command ship.

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