Destiny 2 Heroic Strike Is Currently Bugged And Not Tracking Progress, Here’s What You Can Do

Players are facing issues with Destiny 2 Heroic Strike today as a bug is causing completing any heroic strike to not count toward Milestones and other player pursuits. Bungie is aware of the problem and is looking into it but it might take some time before the mode is stable again.

The release of Destiny 2 Warmind is once again a bumpy one with issues discovered in both Heroic Strike and the new update in Crucible. Bungie is addressing both issues with the Crucible update being disabled – apart from some features – at the moment. If you are also experiencing progress issues with Destiny 2 Heroic Strike, the company suggests doing the following:

  1. assemble any non-matchmade Fireteam members before selecting the Heroic Strikes Playlist in the Director.
  2. Ensure that no one is joining the Fireteam after the Heroic Strike Playlist has been selected, and make sure that no Fireteam members are on their menu before this activity is launched.
  3. If players see a named strike (ex: “The Arms Dealer”) when selecting the Heroic Strikes Playlist in the Director before launching, they must back out of the Director and select the Heroic Strikes playlist again. Players will know that they are successfully queuing this playlist when “Heroic Strikes Playlist” appears on-screen.
  4. Once the Heroic Strike Playlist has been successfully launched and players are heading toward their destination, players may safely navigate to their menu to swap gear, adjust settings, or review their inventory.

The aforementioned tips are not 100% sure to work so don’t get too negative if your progress is still not visible. The issue is present for almost 24 hours now but we expect Bungie to find a solution by tomorrow.

Furthermore, an issue has been spotted impacting the Rat King and the weapon is now disabled. Bungie suggests that you restart the game if you experience any issues while having the Rat King eqquiped.

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