Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Hammer of Proving Guide

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen comes with many new game additions, one of which is The Hammer of Proving. This Destiny 2 Hammer of Proving guide will explain how you can charge the lure up and finally obtain the Umbral Engrams from H.E.L.M.

Destiny 2 Hammer of Proving

The Hammer of Proving is an essential part of the battleground activity as it gives you Hammer Charges. You can think of the Hammer as a lure, much like last season’s Cryptolith Lure. The Hammer is given to you in the H.E.L.M questline.

Cabal Gold and Hammer of Proving

Cabal Gold and the Hammer of Proving work together to help you charge the Hammer during the Battleground game modes.

Once you have the Hammer of Proving and at least 14 Cabal Gold Currency, you can use these together to achieve the objective of charging the Hammer up.

You need to place the Medallion into the Hammer of Proving by opening the Quest Screen and then highlighting the Hammer of Proving.

From here, hit details and go to the empty slot to purchase the Medallion with Cabal Gold and load it into the Hammer.

Now start the Battleground Mission and as you play, your Hammer will start charging up.

Charging the Hammer of Proving
Charging the Hammer of Proving with the Medallion loaded into it requires you to complete the Battleground Mission first.

You will need to find the Trial Chests as these contain one charge per chest. Look for these chests around the reward chests at the end of each battleground level.

Once you are near the Trial Chest, you will be prompted to smash it; this way you will get one charge.

After Getting the Charges
Once the charges are collected, go back to H.E.L.M. where you will be able to acquire the Umbral Engrams from the Prismatic Recaster.

Upgrading the Hammer of Proving

To upgrade the Hammer of Proving, you need to increase your rank in the War Table.

The first upgrade becomes available at Tribute chest 1, which allows you to earn 1 Cabal Gold per Trial Chest Smashing.

Therefore, you need to steadily make your way up the War table and keep unlocking the upgrades attached to ranking up.

Complete seasonal challenges in the Season of Chosen to make sure you have a steady growth in the war table.