Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 Guide

Just like 2020, Guardian Games are back in Destiny 2 with quite a few changes. In this Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 guide, we will walk you through the whole Guardian Games 2021 event. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021

Guardian Games can be considered the Olympics of Destiny 2 in which the best class of Destiny 2 is decided. Just like Guardian Games 2020, all three classes of Destiny 2, including Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters will compete against each other in this iteration of Guardian Games 2021 as well

This Guardian Games 2021 season will begin on April 20th and last until May 11th, and everyone will be able to compete in these games, even if they don’t have a Season Pass. The winner will be announced on May 7th in the closing ceremony, and the statue of the winner class be displayed in the Tower for the entirety of the next year.

The Guardians were able to flip between their different characters last year. But they must pick one class this year and have to complete the whole event with the same class. Choose your favorite class and try to make it win the Guardian Games 2021.

Players wear a class (Obtained from Zavala) and then try to collect limited-time items like laurels and medals. The contribution of every player towards a particular class will then be combined, and the class with the highest points will be the winner of the Guardian Games 2021.

Medals in Guardian Games 2021 in D2 have the following points:

  • Bronze: 1 Point
  • Silver: 2 Points
  • Gold: 5 Points
  • Platinum: 15 Points

Bonuses and Points

Everyone’s points will appear at the first count for the same value. However, the third-place team each day will eventually be given a 10% bonus.

One class wins Guardian Games at the end of each day. A multiplier will add to the success of the 3rd place class to help them get up for the remainder of the event.

Every week, one class wins again based on the number of total wins the class has. And then, one class will become the champion of the final Guardian Games 2021, depending on the overall victories. At the end of each week, you will get a small prize depending on how you have helped your team succeed.

Following each count, the particular area devoted to the Guardian Games represents the current champion. At the end of the event, a small memorial in the Tower will appear commemorating the winner.


As we know that Players earn medals in different ways, and then those medals are turned to Podium in the Tower, and the players will get points instead. These points of all players of the same class than will be combined to decide the winner of the Guardian Games. We have mentioned different ways to earn these points.

Guardians should first pick up Eva Levante’s Medals and a Medal Case. These medals may be gold, silver, or bronze and function in the same way as rewards. These medals must be turned to the Podium in the Tower once their case is complete, and the Further medals won will get lost. Guardians can win team points after they have turned in these medals and are allowed to get an event package.


Laurels are generated and dropped on the floor by players in all activities (except Gambit and Crucible, where they are automatically gathered). They can be used to buy bounties, Contender Cards, and prizes from Eva Levante.

The medals are won by completing activities (Triumphs and Contender cards during the event) and will remain in your medal case until you decide to deposit them. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals are the types of medals that you can earn.

Laurels drop in Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible. The player must manually pick them up in the Strikes. You can obtain these Laurels by obtaining ability kills or beating more challenging opponents. You can only collect Laurels from your class, so Titans can only collect Titan Laurels, Warlocks can only collect Warlock Laurels, and so on.

Running with the same classmates will make you more laurels, which you will be using in the Guardian Games as money. Bungie also introduced a new Guardian Games Strike playlist to the Tower that pairs you with other members of your class.

Contender Cards

To complete Contender Cards, you’ll need Laurels. Return to Eva Levante in the Tower after you’ve earned 100 or more Laurels. For each Contender Card that goes to Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible, you can swap with Eva for 100 Laurels. You may also offer her 200 Laurels for a Platinum Card, angled at Nightfalls and Osiris Trials.

These cards give you a random target for the chosen activity. For example, a Strike Contender Card will ask you to defeat enemies in strikes with solar or Stasis. You will immediately get a medal placed in your medal case when you complete your card. You will get Gold medals for Contender Cards and Platinum medals for Platinum Cards.

Guardians should only have one Contender Card in play at any given time. Guardians would be required to complete targets in Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. Guardians who complete these targets will get a Gold Medal.

A Platinum Contender Card will also be available and enable Guardians to complete Nightfalls, Survival, and Trials tasks. Players who complete their Platinum Contender Cards will be awarded All-Star status and a special award at the next Podium Ceremony.


Triumphs are another way to earn medals in Guardian Games. By completing different Triumphs, you can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or even Platinum medals depending on the difficulty of the Triumph. Consider marking a victory you’re striving for by tapping on it to make it easy to keep track of.

Heir Apparent Exotic Reward

The primary item that Guardian Games has is the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun. Once you have the Heir Apparent, the heir Apparent Catalyst can also be unlocked, which is introduced in this edition of Guardian Games.

The Catalyst is expected to increase its protective arc shield. It also reloads the gun magazine partially if the gun is destroyed. The Catalyst will be dropped by randomly depositing Gold or Platinum Medals. The following conditions are stated to be met, and the Catalyst can be earned during the event only.

  • Gain (50) points by medal receipt. Higher-level medals value more points.
  • Complete container cards (3). Card.
  • Collect (90) Competitive spirit in the Daily Focus playlist by making kills with Machine Guns. Blows accuracy award advancement incentive.
  • Overall, 700 murders.

The three Exotic class shells return, just like the last year. But you can only purchase them from Eva this time. 350 Laurels are charged for each shell.

The Eva Speed Sparrow Color can also be purchased. But you must complete the Guardian Games World Class Point Scorer Triumph first. This is a three-fold triumph with medals and points. For the first iteration, you would have to win 50 points. The following two moves would probably take 50 points, bringing them to a total of 150 points. Before May 11th, you must claim all these rewards.

Guardian Games Strike Playlist

This year Bungie introduced a new Vanguard Strike playlist for Guardian Games. Guardians and members of their class will put on a fire team. For instance, a Warlock will fight with other Warlocks by strikes. Guardians will pick up bonus Laurels as someone from the same class generates them. The easiest way to get laurel would be to do that.

Guardians will receive modifiers depending on their daily rating. These modifiers are:

  • Gold: Increase in Health, Shields, and Recovery. Damage dealt by Kinetic Weapons also increases.
  • Silver: Recharge melee abilities more quickly. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources. More heavy ammunition available.
  • Bronze: Grenade ability damages and recharges even more quickly. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources.

There are also negative modifiers designed to make the strikes of silver and gold more difficult. They are focused on every third-place squad. Silver only gets one bronze-based modifier, while gold receives two bronze and silver-based modifiers. These modifiers are:


  • Bronze: Combatant Melee attacks deal more damage.
  • Silver: Combatant Melee attacks do considerably more damage.


  • Bronze: Incoming damage increased while airborne.
  • Silver: Incoming damage increased significantly while airborne.


  • Bronze: The radar is off.
  • Silver: The radar is disabled, and when hurt, soldiers don’t flinch.

Podium Ceremonies
Every weekend during the Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021, weekly podium ceremonies will take place. The current rating will be announced, and Guardians can earn a particular glow based on their rank.

  • The bronze glow for the third place.
  • Silver glow for the second place.
  • The gold glow for the first place.
  • Platinum glow is given to all-stars.

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