Destiny 2 Graven Scrawl Challenge Guide

In this Destiny 2 Graven Scrawl Challenge guide, we will take a look at all how to complete this week’s challenge in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. We will discuss in detail the complete walkthrough of the Graven Scrawl Challenge along with some tips and tricks. Let’s get started:

Destiny 2 Graven Scrawl Challenge

The Graven Scrawl challenge is one of the seasonal challenges and by completing it you will get Bright Dust, XP, and maybe some War Table Reputation. The task of this challenge is to make the Guardians investigate the cryptic notes present in the Captain’s Log.

The Guardians will have to uncover three of these cryptic notes. If they succeed in doing so the challenge will be completed.

How to Uncover the Cryptic Notes?

For uncovering the cryptic notes; the Guardians will have to finish the quest of the Exotic Presage on the Glykon. The catch is the same character will need to finish this quest four times. Doing so will unlock the three cryptic notes of the Captain’s Log.

You need to remember that getting the three cryptic notes are based on character and not on your account. You have to use the same character for multiple runs i.e. four times.

These pages are from the Lore Book of the Captain’s Log. If you have grabbed three pages at the very least from the Captain’s log then all you have to do is to get the pages from the Lore Tab and the challenge will be completed.

When you have the three pages, go to the Seasonal Challenges page and locate the Quest Tab. If you cannot find it then go to the Season Tab of the Director.

Under Week Five, you will see the Graven Scrawl Challenge, complete it. After that, you will get some XP but no War Table Reputation or Bright Dust.

These weekly challenges are the new thing in Destiny 2 along with the many other challenges in the game. We might see some changes in the structure of these challenges in the future but for now, it seems like this is going to go for a long time.

However, the bright dust collected from these weekly challenges is making many players hopeful that they will come back next season as well

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