Destiny 2 Getting Your Hands Dirty Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Getting your Hands Dirty Adventure Guide to help you direct the Taken’s invasion on EDZ onto the Red Legion and end it all before it is too late. Adventures in Destiny 2 require you to complete simple missions in order to earn some rewards and loot. You should be able to find Adventure missions scattered all around the game’s four Worlds.

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Destiny 2 Getting Your Hands Dirty Adventure

This mission is incredibly simple and short. Asher Mir gives you a task to Kill Taken and collect their radiation samples.

For this task you must follow the waypoint to the nearest Taken encampment. Once there, you’ll take out the ten Taken units using your melee attack and collect the data.

The objective markers provide you with the information on Taken hotspots. Remember to manage your health and to fall back if need be.

Once you have enough Taken Essence, travel to The Gulch and distribute the Essence throughout the Cabal territory – at the objective markers.

For this objective, you’ll be sent to irradiate four waypoints. Run between them and spread the Radiation/Essence (fill it up till 100%) and move onto the next objective. Kill all the Cabal enemies or avoid them, the choice is yours!

When this objective is complete, follow the Blights as they pop-up using your objective marker and kill the Taken units first before focusing on the Blights.

Eliminate four Blights to complete the Adventure and collect your reward.

Make sure to Travel to each location and don’t get frustrated if the mob is too much for you to handle. Just be patient and go through the objective and get your reward.

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