How to Get Frozen Orbit in Destiny 2

With the first significant update in the fourth year of the game, Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen brings exciting weapons to play and chase with. In order to enjoy the perks and experience of this unique rifle, here’s an in-depth guide on how to get and use the Frozen Orbit in Destiny 2.

How to Get Frozen Orbit in Destiny 2

Frozen orbit comes with a number of perks and is also considered unique. Being one of a kind, the Frozen Orbit sniper rifle is the only 72 RPM energy rifle that is not currently sunset.

How to get your hands on the Frozen Orbit

Just like the other playlists, you’re only able to get your hands on the Frozen Orbit after it drops at the end of the Crucible Playlists.

You could also get a hold of it by opening the packages that come from Lord Shaxx. However, there’s not always an easy chance to get a hold of it as it’s never guaranteed that you’ll get the weapon at the end of the games.

There also might be instances where you might not see it for the entire night at all. However, we have a tip that can help you increase the chances of getting it. Dress up your ghost to prosperity mod.

Doing so will also get you an additional legendary item when you win a Crucible match.

PVE based rolls

With the number of perks Frozen Orbit has, it becomes a good PVE option for a legendary sniper. It has few perks, including those that make it terrific in its performance. We have four great perks from the first slot, including the Arrowhead Brake. It gives a big boost for the handling of range stat.

Appended Mag, which is the magazine that provides you with more bullets. Triple Tap, making the hits very critical, and the Clown Cartridge for being great on the gun alone.

You can pair these perks with the second slot of perks that include Vorpal weapon, Dragonfly, or Multikill Clip. By combining both slots’ perks into a combination, you can power cap of 1610 and last until season 17.

PVP based rolls

To increase the effective range of the Frozen Orbit, use the perks from the first two slots. Accurized Rounds and Hammer-Forged Rifling will let you attack down your enemies all across from the map, making it very efficient for you to use.

Moving target is also one useful perk as it boosts the target attainment while being mobile.

At the last Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights are great perks. However, the Snapshot Sight helps you scope enemies faster and is way more deadly than Quickdraw. Regardless both are definite perks, and you choose one depending on your own play style.

You can get the most fun of this exciting update and attain the headline-making weapon through the tips shared above and make the best use of it through the perks mentioned.

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