Destiny 2 Forsaken Announced Along With Year 2 Livestream

Bungie’s Year 2 reveal live stream is set for tomorrow and along with the new content coming with the kickstart of the second year, the company has also revealed the name of the next expansion for the game, Destiny 2 Forsaken.

As it seems, past rumors circling around the new expansion’s name have fallen short, as Destiny 2 Forsaken has not just been revealed but also has its own teaser trailer.

In the teaser trailer, which has been uploaded today, we see a Guardian and Caydee bearing new weapons, like the Destiny 1 Last Word and a new armor for the Hunter. As many sources pointed out, Destiny 2 Forsaken must be focusing on Caydee, as Curse of Osiris centered on Ikora and Warmind on Zavala.

What’s interesting about this announcement is what comes after the teaser itself. The footnotes after it indicate that you need Destiny 2 base game, along with Curse of Osiris and Warmind to be able to play Forsaken. This already looks like a bad idea but it depends on how much content the expansion will bring.

If you remember Destiny 1 expansion roadmap, all content released during its first year followed the same “flat” pattern as it does now. However, by the end of the first year, Bungie brought out The Taken King, which was a gamechanger for the community and an actual reason to buy the Season Pass.

We already knew from a leak that the new Destiny 2 expansion will bring 10 story missions and 4 strikes along 2 new destinations, the Reef, and the Void.  The expansion’s new raid is called: “Tomb of Eternity,” and revolves around stopping Nezarec for good. More information has been leaked and they seem legit, however, the leaked didn’t get the name of the expansion right so it gets us thinking twice about its credibility.

Bungie will reveal more information about Destiny 2 Forsaken tomorrow at their Second Year live stream. You can catch it on Twitch and Youtube at 9 am Pacific.

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