Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Enigmatic Mysteries Guide

There are many ways to get rare loot in Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes such as finding Trivial Mysteries, Enigmatic Mysteries, and Ascendant Mysteries on the map. In this guide, we will help you find all of Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Enigmatic Mysteries Locations.

Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Enigmatic Mysteries Locations

There are three Enigmatic Mysteries and a bunch of Trivial Mysteries. You can find Enigmatic Mysteries in the new Destiny 2 DLC that gives you Gold loot instead of Blue. Enigmatic Mysteries are the hardest chests to find in Destiny 2.

Enigmatic Mystery #1 – The Bells

The first Enigmatic Mystery can be found in The Abbey of Whispers. Head to the church and go to the top of the church.

There is a True Sight there that you can activate to make a path towards the chest. The path will be only visible for 30 seconds before it disappears. Be quick and go to the top before the path disappears.

The chest will be at the top. Interact with the chest to get the loot and activate the True Sight on top to show the passage again.

Enigmatic Mystery #2 – As Above, So Unseen

The second Enigmatic Mystery is also located at The Abbey of Whispers. Go near the church and towards the southern end. There is a Safe Passage there that you can activate to make the passage.

Make sure you activate the True Sight as well to get the extra time. Run to the top and you will reach the chest.

Enigmatic Mystery #3 – Vantage

The third Enigmatic Mysteries is called the Vintage that is located at The Sunken Cave. You need to reach the top of the Sunken Cave using the True Sight and Safe Passage.

The area is covered with mobs like Taken and the path to the top is longer than before. You need to be much quicker than you were to reach the previous Enigmatic Mysteries.

There are two ways you can reach the top. The first is to upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass to the maximum level. You can only reach the top by following the passage if you have the Wayfinder’s Compass fully upgraded.

If you don’t have all of the upgrades, what you can do to reach the top is to jump on the Taken Blight that is present halfway up the passage. From the Taken Blight, jump on top of the second last platform from the chest.

You will be able to reach the chest before the time expires by doing the above method.