Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Ascendant Anchor Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Ascendant Anchor Locations and how you can get to each one of them

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost now features a new weekly mission type for players to explore. There are many secrets to uncover with this new addition, and one of them includes the Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Ascendant Anchor Locations.

Destiny 2 Forest of Echoes Ascendant Anchor Locations

These missions are called the Shattered Realm, and they involve the exploration of the realm called Ascendant Plane to rescue the corrupted Techeuns.

The Ascendant Anchors are the floating orbs that you will find scattered throughout the Ascendant Plane. These orbs emit a purple light, making them detectable in dark caves and other interiors in the Shattered Realm.

So let’s start with our scavenger hunt for all of these Ascendant Anchor locations scattered across the Forest of Echoes.

Ascendant Anchor #1

In the Dark Forest, after collecting the “Barrier Breach,” “True Sight,” “Safe Passage,” “Ascendant Sight,” and “Ager’s Scepter Exotic,” clear both of the beacons and head back to the point where you first started.

This is where we will begin our scavenger hunt. Now right where you will land from this point, you’ll fight some enemies and find the first glowing Ascendant Anchor in front of you.

Ascendant Anchor #2

In The Shrine, clear all of the enemies to spawn the relic used for the Ascendant Mystery: The Dark Ritual. Then invoke the true path and collect the Ascendant Anchor #2.

Ascendant Anchor #3

Now turn around and jump to the platform, which is at 28 meters of height. Right on this platform, you’ll find an option to invoke the true sight.

Collect the 3rd Ascendant Anchor, and now head to your South-Western direction. Keep moving until you find a dark cage. Before heading in, you’ll have to dodge some enemies as well.

Ascendant Anchor #4

Now head towards the hallway towards your right and then to your left. Destroy the blockade on one of the walls, pick up the relic and then jump up to collect the Ascendant Anchor you just revealed by destroying the blockage.

Ascendant Anchor #5

Inside The Crypt, find the crack in the wall towards your left and head on inside. That will lead you to a tunnel, keep moving forward, and you will reach true sight. Destroy the rocks above to reveal the Ascendant Anchor.

Ascendant Anchor #6

Now head outside from the same opening where you found the Ascendant Anchor 5. Follow the hallway, and you will reach the option to invoke the breach.

Towards your right, you’ll be able to invoke new paths, these floating paths will lead you up to the Ascendant anchor 6.

Ascendant Anchor #7

Land on the mountainous platforms above The Courtyard and jump further towards The Outskirts. On one of these rocky cliffs, you’ll find the 7th Ascendant Anchor.

Ascendant Anchor #8

After collecting the loot from Twofold Ward, move towards your South and climb up the rocky cliff to invoke a barrier breach. Next, head towards the west till you find an option to Suppress Field of Strife.

Now head toward the South-Western direction till you find an option to invoke the actual sight. Finally, invoke the true sight and follow it to collect the 8th Anchor.

Ascendant Anchor #9

Right when you land in the Dark Forest after completing the Enigmatic Mystery, you’ll find the Ascendant Anchor right beside a house.

Ascendant Anchor #10

After completing the Taken Root Trivial Mystery in the cage, defeat the enemies and collect the 10th Anchor that will be glowing in the dark.

Ascendant Anchor #11

After collecting the 10th Anchor, invoke the barrier breach and head outside the tunnel after invoking the true sight. Then, jump on the floating platforms till you reach the Anchor location.

Ascendant Anchor #12

After collecting the 11th Anchor, head to your South West and towards the ruins of a building. On top of one of the broken concrete walls, you’ll find the 12th Anchor.

Ascendant Anchor #13

Now head towards the North-Western direction where you will find some enemies. Defeat these enemies and follow the true sight indicator to take you to the 13th Anchor hidden on one of the remote edges.

Ascendant Anchor #14

After collecting the previous Anchor, head towards North East, where you will soon find a group of enemies in The Harrowed Cliffs.

Suppress the Field of Strife and run straight till you see the actual location. Now you will have to demolish the rocks to reveal the Anchor.

Ascendant Anchor #15

Head inside this demolished entrance, and you’ll come across a spinning wheel towards your North West. The 15th Ascendant Anchor will be placed on top of this wheel.

Ascendant Anchor #16

Now jump up to the rocky cliff towards the East of this wheel. Climb up and land on the platform with the button to invoke the true sight. This will make the 16th Ascendant Anchor visible to you.

Ascendant Anchor #17

After collecting the loot from Born of Darkness Mystery, head towards the South and invoke the barrier breach. Collect the Ascendant Anchor after breaching the barrier.

Ascendant Anchor #18

Now head straight towards the next glowing button to invoke the true sight. Finally, collect the last Ascendant Anchor towards your left.

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