Destiny 2 Fans Are Bungie’s Priority For Release Of Forsaken Expansion

With Bungie’s upcoming Destiny 2 expansion Forsaken having been officially unveiled at E3, the company is going to have pretty big shoes to fill after around a year of time in the game. That’s why this time around, Destiny 2 fans are going to be the priority for Forsaken going forward.

Destiny 2 has had a very rough first year, due to a pair of lackluster expansions and a large amount of controversy due to the game’s very prevalent microtransactions, to say nothing of controversy about shaders and PVP combat being focused on at the expense of PVE content. However, Bungie has said that it will be taking those complaints to heart in Forsaken.

The original Destiny had a similar issue during its first year, with some lackluster DLCs that failed to address the game’s problem of story along with a very grindy endgame and very little endgame content being the chief concerns of fans back then. However, its Year One-ending DLC, The Taken King, managed to right those problems, adding in a number of mechanics that made grinding for gear more fun, doing away with the Light system, and more.

Hopefully Forsaken will be able to spark a similar renaissance in Destiny 2 and Destiny 2 fans, especially with The Division 2 being announced and BioWare’s Anthem also entering into the shared-world shooter market. Collection menus, the ability to bulk-delete shaders, increased vault space, a better UI, weapon rebalancing, a new weapon in the form of the bow, new super moves, and a new raid will all be a part of the expansion.

All of this content and a new story will still have to pass muster with many, however. The last two Destiny 2 expansions have been harshly criticized not just for being short and not having very much to do, but also for recycling story missions into Strikes. Hopefully, as the biggest Destiny expansion yet in Bungie’s terms, Forsaken will be able to have not only a story campaign but also original strikes to help Destiny 2 fans come back to the game.