Destiny 2 Fallen Transponder Node Locations Guide

An iconic weapon, Outbreak Prime, returns to Destiny 2, as fans have discovered recently. The Fallen Transponder is tied to a Heroic Adventure and prompts you to collect 6 nodes out on an Exotic Quest before you can get your hands on this powerful weapon. In our Destiny 2 Fallen Transponder Node Locations Guide, we’ve detailed the methods and locations that will allow you to obtain the Fallen Transponder in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Fallen Transponder Node Locations

Firstly, before you can embark on the Exotic Quest for hunting down the nodes and completing puzzles, you’ll need the weapon in its basic form.

First, make sure you’ve completed both the “Enemy is my Enemy” and “Triumph” missions. Moreover, you’ll need to ensure while you’re on the following adventure, that you keep Fallen Captain alive.

Once done, start the “Bad Neighbors” Heroic Adventure and proceed until you’re able to kill a Shrieker Hive enemy. Interact with the hive item here to gain access to a door on the left and consequently some command consoles down a ramp.

Here, you’ll be able to notice the Fallen Transponder weapon resting by a bin. It’ll appear in your inventory along with an option to trigger the Exotic Quest.

The 6 nodes are associated with 6 symbols that are situated inside different Lost Sectors. Interact with them to get all the 6 parts for unlocking the Fallen Transponder.

Fallen Transponder Nodes Locations

The first node is situated in The Drain sector on EDZ. Proceed through the tunnel to come across the Fallen in a blue-ish room and take the stairs from the cavern to reach a platform that has some crates atop it.

Here look for the bright red glowing symbol that will indicate the presence of the node.

For the second node, make your way to Whispered Falls in the Outskirts on EDZ. Proceed to the opening that leads you to the water body. Swim to move behind a stone pillar that is opposite to the waterfall in the area.

Immediately behind the pillar, you’ll find the glowing node besides some human skulls.

The third node can be found in the Atrium Lost Sector in Trostlands’ Church on EDZ. Proceed and kill the Fallen until you reach the room that has the explosive barrel in the middle of it.

Head left to reach the room with the bunkbeds and look for the node in the southwest corner of this area.

Next, head west of Trostlands’ Church to reach Widows Walk Lost Sector on EDZ. Eliminate any enemies in the lost sector and proceed to the where the chest lies. Hop up to the second floor, behind the chest.

The node is on one of the elevated areas to the corner of some rubble.

For the fifth node, proceed to Carrion Pit Lost Sector in the Glade of Echoes region of Nessus. Complete the sector by defeating the boss and then proceed to collect your reward from the chest.

Head right from it to come across a wall that has multiple servers on it. Hop up and around the wall to reach its other end and collect the transponder node.

The Rift Lost Sector, adjacent to the spawn point in Exodus Black in Nessus, has the 6th node. Make your way to the boss room and jump to the highest platform on the right side of the room.

If you hop across the gap, you’ll reach the chest, but right off the edge of the gap you can notice a container. Look inside it for the final node.

Now all you need to do is to return to The Farm and speak with the Fallen Captain in the basement that you reach via the root cellar door.

Complete the newly acquired mission (Light Level 690 or above recommended) within 20 minutes so to finally collect this exotic rifle.

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