Destiny 2 Faction Rewards Throttle Will Be Fixed In The Next Patch

Bungie has said that the Destiny 2 Faction rewards throttle that’s afflicting loot drop rates will be fixed by the game’s next patch. Faction Wars are one of Destiny 2’s biggest events, offering high-tier loot depending on which of the game’s three different factions ends up claiming victory in the Faction Rally.

Destiny loot has been a subject of criticism since the game came out, as players believe the game is focusing more on the Eververse microtransactions than actually making a good loot model. While Bungie has since said that they’ll be adjusting the game to be less focused on it.

However, the Faction Rallies and Destiny 2 faction rewards are still suffering the gear throttling. A Bungie forums user has said that none of the weapons that have been available in the Faction Rallies have shown up as Faction Engrams, that is among the engrams that players can get by increasing their rank with their faction of choice.

This is only the most recent controversy that’s surrounded Destiny 2, such as the Eververse exploitation of loot, the fact that shaders are now consumable and have to be applied individually to each piece of gear, loot throttling in Lost Sectors, and the game apparently being completely rebooted in 2016, just a year before the game released.

Currently Bungie is in damage control mode, trying to adjust how the game works in order to get players back into the game. The situation mirrors the first year of the original Destiny, which got criticism for supposedly being stingy with loot among other issues.

While the original Destiny got better with The Taken King, hopefully Destiny 2 will follow the same pattern, and Destiny 3 will hopefully not have to go through this again even if it’s already being developed.

Either way, if you feel like you can try for some good loot from the Faction Wars event, you can try and compete in order to grab whatever it is that the factions will give you if yours wins. Hopefully soon Bungie will have the Destiny 2 faction rewards fixed soon.