How to Get Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Remember the Gjallarhorn, also known as Destiny’s most famous Exotic ever? Well, we have competition now. The newly launched exotic rocket launcher, Eyes of Tomorrow in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, is the potential heir of Gjallarhorn.

This new exotic has many exciting perks to offer to the Destiny fans, but it is also very tricky to get.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher

To get your hands on this powerful exotic launcher is not an easy task. Especially if you’re trying to get your Eyes of Tomorrow launcher through regular quests, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get it anytime soon.

It is still a reasonably rare exotic, and fans have been grinding day and night to get their hands on this powerful gear.

This deadly new rocket is capable of shooting multiple targets at once, so we can already sense a lot of havoc and destruction in the player versus player mode.

Undoubtedly, Eyes of Tomorrow in D2 is amongst some of the most potent exotics in Destiny but getting this launcher for yourself is highly challenging.

How to get Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic

There are only a handful of people who have been able to enjoy this deadly new exotic in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. The reason is that this drop comes from the final chest of Taniks the Abomination, the final boss of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

So this means that you only get one shot a week at getting your rocket. The chance of getting your launcher increases with every successive invasion without you getting your Eyes of Tomorrow.

Hence, beating more and more raids will increase your chances of getting your own Eyes of Tomorrow.

Furthermore, to get your launcher, you’ll have to wait till the raid gets rid of contest mode since it will allow all the players to do multiple clears a week.


Eyes of Tomorrow exotic new rocket launcher comes with deadly traits. Eyes of Tomorrow in Destiny 2 is a Solar rocket launcher that can deal solar damage.

It’s a fantastic power weapon with heavy ammo usage. The smart drift control, alloy casing, and adaptive ordnance of this rocket launcher makes it even deadlier.

Eyes On All
This exotic perk allows Eye of Tomorrow to lock onto multiple targets at once.

So you can track multiple people and shoot the rocket once for the ultimate destruction.

Not only can you target numerous targets, but you get to follow them by the launcher’s tracking ability.

This rocket can fire six mini-rockets even when one target is locked, making it extremely brutal and damaging.

Adaptive Ordnance
Imagine being able to kill four enemies just in a single shot. Eyes of Tomorrow gives you the ability to do so! This ability makes the next volley even deadlier.

Visions of Tomorrow is indeed the Gjallarhorn of Destiny 2 with its amazing Adaptive Ordnance.

The most exciting feature is that killing four or more enemies in a single volley further increases the next shot’s damage.

These perks make Eyes of Tomorrow devastating for raid encounters with enemies, especially in PvP mode.

You can cause a sufficient amount of damage and defeat major enemies with this launcher. Each volley shoots multiple warheads that find targets and track them.

If there is a single target like a boss, for example then, all of the six missiles will hit the same boss. Now, if you manage to kill over four mobs, you can imagine how devastating your next volley will be.

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