Destiny 2 Devil’s Lair Strike Guide

Along with a bunch of new stuff, Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen brings an old fan favorite back to the game, the Devil’s Lair Strike. This Destiny 2 Devil’s Lair Strike guide will swiftly walk you through all the objectives of the entire activity in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Devil’s Lair Strike

Originally introduced in the first Destiny game, Devil’s Lair was the first strike of the game, making it very popular with old players. It returns now to Destiny 2, teeming with skirmishes and loot at the end. Let’s now walk you through it.

Beginning the Strike

For now, the only way to begin the Devil’s Lair strike is to play the Nightfall: The Ordeal playlist. This week’s strike is Devil’s Lair, so it should automatically be selected and start, you will be asked to select your difficulty and you can begin.

You begin in the Cosmodrome, and around you, the Fallen and Hive will be battling it out. There is a lot of fighting going on here; you can just run past them, but if you have a bounty or some challenge to complete, this is a great place to get kills.

Look for a tunnel with some huge oil tanks and a big crate. Go straight through it to the other side.

On the other end, look for a staircase, climb it to the top and take a right. To indicate you are on the right path, there will be a truck submerged in water.

Across from the arena ahead of you, where there is more fighting, is a seemingly empty pathway marked by another destroyed truck. You need to be on the lookout for a small gateway to the right and enter it.

Then climb another set of stairs to the top. There are a few enemies here too, but you can ignore them and they won’t trouble you.

Just keep following the path through another doorway that has a staircase leading down. Take the stairs.

Unlocking the Door with Mines

Soon you reach another door that you have to cross, but unfortunately, there will be fallen mines blocking it. The only way through will be to hack the device in front of the door.

As soon as the hacking process begins, three waves of enemies will descend on you. They come from the left, from the backside of the room and through the path you entered.

The first wave will be fallen enemies, the second wave adds a few Hive enemies too, and by the third, you’ll be facing both a fair amount of Fallen and Hive enemies.

By the time you deal with the enemies, the hacking will have completed and you will be free to progress on. Follow the path through the industrial areas, be careful of hidden fallen enemies in areas with water, reedy to pounce on you.

Fallen Walker Boss

In the next area, the difficulty will rise. You will have to deal with a Fallen walker, along with a lot more enemies than the original Destiny 1 strike and even a Brig.

Defeat enemies along the path to the Brig and decommission it first, then focus on the rest.

Taking the path from the right, you can easily target Walker’s legs, crippling it and getting those critical hits as it is crippled. Repeat this until you have defeated the boss.

After defeating the boss go through the door behind it. Keep moving forward until you take a staircase and an illuminated doorway.

Sepiks Prime Boss Fight

This another bigger boss fight for the strike. Immediately you should notice that it is sucking out Ether from the Fallen that are worshipping it.

You have to take them out first to make Sepiks vulnerable. Once he starts taking damage, he’ll start teleporting all over the area. Just keep shooting at it and watch out for the fallen enemies that will rush to protect Sepiks.

A good place to catch your breath and find cover is to go to a shed on the arena’s left side. Here you can hide or climb it to get a better shooting position.

With enough damage dealt, Sepiks will summon Unyielding Servitors, which will generate shields for him.

You need to take these down to hurt the boss. Although they aren’t hard to kill, the problem will be dealing with the increasing number of fallen entering the arena.

This process will happen more than once. The boss summons Unyielding Servitors at least three times, and you have to be quick to dispose of them. Take too long, and soon, you’ll get surrounded and overwhelmed.

After you have defeated the boss, the reward chest will spawn at the back of this arena, and your reward will depend on the level of difficulty you were playing at.

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