Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams Ascendant Anchor Locations Guide

Debris of Dreams in Destiny 2 has many tasks for Guardians to fulfill, such as fighting Scorns to save Queen’s Techeuns, Enigmatic and Trivial Mysteries, and locating Ascendant Anchors. This Destiny 2 guide will help you find the locations of all the Ascendant Anchors in the Debris of Dreams

Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams Ascendant Anchor Locations

Before you start looking for the anchors, make sure that you align the beacons so you can start looking for the anchors.

There are 8 Ascendant Anchors in Destiny 2’s Debris of Dreams and the location of each of the Ascendant Anchor is as follows:

Ascendant Anchor 1

This Anchor is found in the Encampment on the ledge directly across the Ruined Outpost. From your spawn point, get to the central island where you will fight the first group of Scorn.

On the right of the island is a gap that will lead you to the Fallen Factory. Jump across this gap to get the first Anchor.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 1


Ascendant Anchor 2

This anchor is on the lower floor of the Ruined Outpost. After you get the first anchor, turn around and you will easily see this anchor beside a slow field. Jump the gap to get this anchor.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 2

Ascendant Anchor 3

This anchor is on the lowest floor of the Ruined Outpost. After you get the second anchor, enter the slow field and get to the marker in the center, then turn left. This will lead you to the lowest floor of Ruined Outpost.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 3


Ascendant Anchor 4

The fourth Ascendant Anchor can be found in the Shattered Enclave. Head to the Ruined Outpost and jump the gap that leads to beacon 1. Hang to the left side of the rocks instead of following the front path to find it hiding in a corner.

Ascendant Anchor 5

This one can be found in the building in the Shattered Enclave. After you finish charging the beacon, activate the Breach Barrier and head outside. Here, activate the True Sight marker and follow the platforms to reach the anchor.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 4

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 5


Ascendant Anchor 6

Sixth anchor is found in the Derelict Ship. Head towards the second beacon. As soon as you enter the destroyed base, drop down on the circular platform and walk around the pillar to find the anchor.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 6

Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchor 6-2

Ascendant Anchor 7

Again, we find this anchor in the Ruined Outpost. Use the Fallen Teleporter in Derelict Shipyard. After you get to the Ruined Outpost, run left to the cliffside. Look down to see see a dim light on a ledge, jump to it. Follow the ledge to find the anchor.

Ascendant Anchor 8

The last anchor is found on the Overlook, the floating island to the right of the spawn point.  Head to beacon 3 and get next to the Fallen Teleporter. An island will be floating to the right.

Use your jump ability and a Sword to cross the gap and get on the island. Here, a small group of Scorn will be defending the anchor. You can use the True Sight marker to leave the island.

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