Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Vex Crossroads Public Event Guide

In this Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Vex Crossroads Guide, we will guide you on how you can complete Vex Crossroads in Destiny 2. Vex Crossroads is a Public Event introduced in the new DLC for Destiny 2. Vex Crossroads is the biggest Public Event in the game and it offers different levels of challenges.

We have curated this Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Vex Crossroads Guide for you in which we have shared some tips and strategies along with a detailed walkthrough of the complete Public event so you can complete it easily.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Vex Crossroads Public Event

This is the biggest Public Event ever introduced in the game and it has many challenges that you need to complete in order to successfully finish the Public Event. The first phase requires you to collect four keys from Vex Gatekeepers while the second phase of the Public Event is a boss fight.

Phase One

When the event starts, begin eliminating the Vex enemies. There will be a meter, which you need to fill by killing the Vex enemies. Head towards the town and slay every Vex that comes in your path.

Once the meter is full, more deadly Gatekeepers will appear. Your main goal here are these Gatekeepers. Eliminate them to obtain keys for the warp gates. There are four warp gates so you need four keys.

You need to find the large Vex Hydras roaming the area and eliminate them. They have a yellow health bar and all the team members must put together a combined effort to bring it down. Use Power Weapons against them, as they are can easily dispose of these Hydras. Avoid their explosive shots as they damage a lot.

Once these Hydras are down, they will drop three keys. Each fireteam member can pick one key. They need to be placed in the respective altars located around the area. Head to the Altars and put the keys in. Once all keys are in, a booster pad will spawn nearby.

Use it to get to the next island. Repeat the same process here and then keep repeating it until you get the message ‘Travel to the island to shut down its warp gate’.

Phase Two

Phase Two of the event is the boss battle. You have to fight the Gate Lord in this boss battle. After getting the prompt, follow the markers and you will reach the boss battle area. The boss battle is not very difficult in the standard mode and you will not have much problem defeating it.

They key is to keep distance and keep moving. Keep shooting at its weak point and make sure to take care of all Vex forces spawning to support the Gate Lord. If kept unchecked, they will cause problems at the ending part of the boss battle.

However, during the Heroic Version of the Public Event, the boss battle will not be as easy as the normal version. To defeat the boss in this mode, you will be faced with additional challenges.

When the health of the Gate Lord drops to a certain level, a Vex Hydra will spawn and the Gate Lord will turn invincible after surrounding itself with a shield. When this happens, you must focus your fire on the Hydra. Once the Hydra is down, kill all enemies in the area and pick up the Arc Charge.

Any one player can pick this Arc Charge. Once it is in someone’s possession, a booster pad will appear and the player must run to it. It will bounce the player to the dunk-zone where they must drop the Arc Charge. Once the Arc Charge is dropped, the shields will drop and you can once again damage the Gate Lord.

You will have to repeat this process until the Gate Lord is defeated. In this mode, you will receive two loot boxes while the normal version will give you a single loot box.

How to Trigger Heroic Vex Crossroads

Vex Crossroads also has a much more challenging and better rewarding mode called Heroic Mode. It tests the mettle of all players and they need to be the best in order to beat in this Heroic Mode.

However, before you can play the Heroic Mode, you must activate it. To activate the Heroic Mode, all you need to do is shoot some crystals and stand on a metal plate later.

When you reach the part of the mission when you have been boosted over to one of the missions, continue the mission normally. When the booster pad appears, do not use it.

Instead, go to the outer edge of the arena and you will see a crystal levitating in the middle of the air. Start shooting the crystal and it will spawn a platform for you to jump on.

Jump to the platform and shoot the next crystal to spawn another platform. Keep doing this until you reach the top of the tower. Once there, in the center of the tower, you will see a metal plate. Stand on it and you will activate the Heroic Mode.

Keep in mind that not all members of fire team need to be doing this. Rest of the fireteam can continue the event while one or two attempts this crystal challenge. In addition, this has to be done on only one island, not all islands.

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