Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Radiolarian Cultures Farming Guide

Radiolarian Culture is one of the new things which you can farm and collect in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris expansion. They are very important as they are used to craft Curse of Osiris themed weapons. This Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Radiolarian Cultures Farming Guide will tell you about a new process that users of discovered which allows you to farm these Cultures much faster than the conventional way.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Radiolarian Cultures Farming

Before you can try to farm the Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, you need to finish the main story and then complete these three Milestone Adventures: Up and Up, The Runner, and Bug in the System. These Cultures will be used to craft powerful weapons, finding these will be an arduous grind so it is best if you try to farm them as much as you can.

Before you start your grind for these Cultures, you need to complete all of the Adventures on Mercury and then complete a Heroic Adventure to make these quests appear when you talk to Brother Vance. You can get these by completing Public Events but that is not an efficient way to farm them. Now let’s look at some of the ways to speed up the process of finding these Radiolarian cultures.

How to Farm Radiolarian Culture

You can find Radiolarian Culture by killing High-Value Targets and raiding their chests across the universe, so remember to collect your loot after killing such a target. Just remember that these will only drop once you have a Lost Prophecy in your inventory.

A way to farm them is to do Public Events which are smaller and with a lot of HVTs. Trostland, Siren’s Watch, and Lost Oasis are some good examples of this. You can also find these Cultures in random chests on various different planets so remember to watch out for them as you are roaming the galaxy.

Once you have 10 Radiolarian Culture, speak to Brother Vance, transform it into Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, and use it to transform your Lost Prophecy through the menu. Now bring it to the Forge on the left side to get your first weapon. Also, make sure that you add a Fireteam Medallion when you grind to increase your experience and loot drops.

Apart from this, when you are farming the Cultures, a Heroic Public Event is bound to drop a Culture half of the times it is done on Mercury. The regular chests on mercury will also have a 25 percent chance of spawning a Culture.

The trick to finding these chests is not that hard. Go to a Public Event – anyone – then grab chests while completing the events to increase your chances of finding these chests. Titan is the best place to find these Public Event chests since it has a plethora of chests and is a small map.

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