Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Hijacked Walkthrough

Hijacked is the sixth mission of the new Curse of Osiris campaign for Destiny 2. This Curse of Osiris Hijacked Guide will tell you all of the stuff that you need to know in order to complete the mission and give you some tips and tricks to quickly ease your way through the mission.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Hijacked Walkthrough

As you will know, you need to go to Nessus and get the processing power by stealing a processor from the Vex on Nessus. Here is what you need to do in order to accomplish that.

When you start this mission, you will be at Nessus and you have to look for Vex. Vex is able to read the Infinite forest map.

You have to make use of your sparrow to get to your destination. The Vex group would be patrolling the area when you get to them at the cave system.

Once you get there you would have to get off your sparrow and take out all the enemies there. After that you can explore the cave system and take out the Vex enemies present in there.

You will have to fight an Entangled Mind that spawns inside the cave system. The fight would be short as it will flee after you cause enough damage.

When it flees you have to follow it and take out the enemies you encounter on the way.

There will be a barricade on your way and there you will take this Entangled Mind out and then you can get out of the cave system using teleport.

When you are out of the system, us your sparrow again and move forward and get to the Conflux where you will come across another Vex.

When you are done with this group of Vex get to the portal near the landing on the red plate.

There will be platforms spawning near you that you have to get on to and take out all of the Vex there and at the end you will have to fight a Conflux and the mission will end

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