Destiny 2 Crucible Game Modes Guide

In this Destiny 2 Crucible Game Modes Guide, we have detailed information on all of the different game modes that you can play for Crucible in Destiny 2. We have curated the Crucible Game Modes Guide in which we have detailed all of these game modes with some tips and tricks on how to win in them.

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Destiny 2 Crucible Game Modes

For playing Crucible, you will first need to select 1 of 2 playlists that feature a different type of games based on the selection. Either you can select Quickplay Playlists that are more focused on casual gameplay or you can select Competitive Playlists which are suited for players looking for real competition and challenge.

Quickplay Playlist

Each match type in a Quickplay Playlist is eight-minutes long and they are more focused on a casual multiplayer PvP experience. If you select the Quickplay Playlist, your Crucible playlist will have the following game modes:

  • Clash
  • Control
  • Supremacy

Clash is the classic team deathmatch in Destiny 2’s Crucible. Each team gets eight minutes to kill as many Guardians of the opposing team. The first team to reach a target score of 75 kills is the winner of the Clash. Each kill awards 1 point. Slain Guardians respawn after five seconds.

Power Ammo rules for Clash are that each map will have three Power Ammo spawn points. Two of them will be located on each side of the map, mostly at each team’s spawn point while the last one is located in any random location of the map. Once collected, this will not spawn again so make sure you are the first one to collect it.

For the remaining two locations, Power Ammo is respawned after every 90 seconds.

Winning in Clash is fairly simple, the team with the most skill will win the matches easily as there are no rules other than kill the opposing Guardians.

However to increase your chances of winning you can make sure to follow some tips that we are about to share with you.

First of all, you must keep track of when the Power Ammo is spawning. Finding the initial Power Ammo crate as soon as the match begins should be your priority.

After that keep track of later Power Ammo crates. Retreating if you getting killed very often is not a bad thing too.

The more you die, the more you increase your opposing team’s score. If you are not that good of a front line soldier, stick to the rear and try not to die too much. Adjust your tactics and gameplay style and be a good team player to win in Clash.

In control, you need to secure strategic battle zones. Once you get to a location with your team, eliminate all enemy presence and defend it for as long as you can. Similar to Clash, each match is eight minutes long and the target score here is 100. Whatever limit is reached first, the winner is the one with the most score.

In control, killing an enemy Guardian will give you 1 score. Once you have successfully captured a Capture Point, it will give you another 1 point. The team holding more Capture Point’s get Zone Advantage score of 1 additional score every kill. While if a team is holding all the zones, they get Power Play bonus of additional 2 points each time they kill a Guardian.

Power Ammo is spawned with a 90-second gap on each side of the map.

To control a capture point, the team members are required to stay in the borders of the zone until the zone is won by the team. After that, simply defend it from the other team. To capture it, you need to make sure that no enemy Guardian in present inside those borders.

To maximize the control, each Guardian on the team should head to a different control point and try to capture all at the same time. If two Guardians want to approach the same control point, one can defend from a nearby vantage point while the other one goes in for the capture.

Using the right grenades are also highly recommended as they will come in handy when defending against the attacks of the enemy Guardians. Use Seeker or persistent effect grenades to make them more effective in defense.

In Supremacy, every time you kill a Guardian, he will leave behind a Crest. Your aim is to collect as many Crests as possible.

Each match is eight minutes long and each team is required to collect 50 Crests. The first team to reach 50 or the team with the most Crests after eight minutes will be the winner.

You can prevent the enemy team from scoring if you collect your fellow Guardians Crests when he dies. They will be in Blue color. Red Crests mean they are of the opposing team. Collect them as well.

Just like Clash, there will be three Power Ammo locations. Two on each side with 90-second gap respawn and a third one-time neutral spawn with 20-second time after the match starts.

Competitive Playlists

In Competitive playlists, you get to play Countdown, which is a very competitive game mode.

In Countdown, there will be two charges on the map. One of the teams will be tasked in detonating a charge of their choice while the other one will be required to prevent this from happening. Both of the teams will get their turns of detonating and defending their own charges.

The first team to win 6 rounds will be the match winner. In countdown, both teams have a set number of lives which is shared by the whole team.

When a Guardian dies, the whole team loses a life. If a Guardian dies and the remaining lives are zero, he cannot respond in the game.

In a match, one team is the attacking team while the other one is the defending team. Each round is two minutes long.

The attacking team’s goals are to set the charge and defend it or they can kill all members of the opposing team. Each bomb takes around 3 seconds to arm. The defending team needs to prevent the charge from detonating. The outcome of the match terms the winner.

In Countdown, the Power Ammo spawns at both ends of the match with a gap of 30-seconds. To truth things in your favor, you can try out a few things.

First, you can bring an auto rifle to the battle because their range and decent damage will come in handy because the time is short and you cannot prepare for short range combat scenarios.

Save your Super and use it when there is utmost need of it. Also, keep a lookout for the Power Ammo crates. Do not let the enemy get his hands on the Power Ammo before you.

Survival is the least played mode in Destiny 2. Therefore, not many players know about it due to it being over shadowed by the remaining modes.

In this competitive mode, two teams are assigned to compete with each other in a death match. The twist in this mode is the amount of lives a team is given. Total eight lives can be shared between each teammate and whichever team has their lives dropped, lose the battle.

In Survival, teamwork plays a really important role which makes it really frustrating for the players to lose a battle just because a member of their team was unable to beat the odds.

Basic Modes

Showdown is an underused mode. This mode depends upon your combat and survival skills which make it really hard to beat. In this mode, players are assigned to kill as many enemies as possible, the player who stands tall after the third round wins the game.

Breakthrough, for some hardcore players is a complete rip-off of Rainbow Six Siege. In this mode, teams fight each other to hack into an enemy vault.

All they have to do is gain control of a Breaker that helps them hack into the vault. Once the hacking is successful, teams will receive points of this round.

A mode in which teams fight to protect an area. Holding the area increases the Progress bar and once it’s maxed, the team wins the round. Lockdown may be a fun PvP mode but it’s not as easy as it sounds, since increasing the Progress bar is a really tough task when you’re opened for attacks.

Mayhem is like the Clash mode but with Supers, fast ability recharges, more Power Ammo and less respawn time.

However, not everything in this mode is fast as Mayhem gives you limited time to get the job done, making it fun while balancing the concept at the same time. It’s a fun mode to pass your time after all those battles in the previous modes.

Momentum Control
A similar version of the Control mode but with zones that provide additional kill points. The fast pace and intensity really do wonders for this mode, allowing the players to capture areas and start a rampage before the opponents gain control of the area.

Team Scorched
Team Scorched is a 6v6 PvP Mode which is a typical deathmatch where players are equipped with Scorch Cannons. Probably the most Extreme mode out of all basic modes.

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