Destiny 2 Crossplay Finally Coming In Season 15

Even though Destiny 2’s Season 13, Season of the Chosen, has only just begun, Destiny 2 players already have something to look forward to in Season 15. Bungie announced today that Destiny 2 crossplay would finally be coming in Season 15 later this year after years of waiting, now letting every Destiny player play together.

Even though Destiny 2 took a step in the right direction with its cross-progression in 2019, players were limited to transporting their progress over from one platform to another. Now with crossplay, Destiny 2 players on the Xbox, Playstation, and PC can all play together.

Destiny 2 is at its heart a community-focused game, with many team activities ranging from Strikes and Raids to Gambit and Crucible all available to play at any time. But, once crossplay hits the game, that will likely take on a whole new life since there’s now nothing standing in the way of friends on different platforms playing together.

While we don’t know much about Season 15 aside from the Destiny 2 crossplay confirmation, this is still a big step for the game, and one of the many things that Bungie hinted at when they said that 2021 would be a year of big things for Destiny 2.

Alongside crossplay, the most recent Destiny blogpost said that there were two more expansions on their way in lieu of Destiny 3, which was shelved when Bungie took Destiny 2 in a free to play direction. All we do know is that the current seasons are building up to a confrontation with Savathun, the Witch Queen, the sister of Oryx the Taken King.

Bungie will hopefully tell us more about Destiny 2 crossplay and what it means for the game in future updates, but in the meantime, Season of the Chosen is still running and full of loot to grab and activities to do as we get into fighting the Cabal once more. You can read the Bungie blogpost talking about crossplay and the future right here.