Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Guide

The Destiny 2 Crimson Days event will return from February 11th to February 18th. It will bring with it some brand new items and rewards for players to reap. You’ll have to collectively engage in Crimson Doubles PvP matches in order to get Confectionary Hearts to trade for special Ghost shells, sparrows and The Vow Masterworked bow.

This is why we’ve prepared this little guide to point out important details that players need to know.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event

There are a few pre-requisites before you can start Crimson Days. You need to have escaped the Cosmodrome, gotten the Tower unlocked and must possess 790 Power. Head to the tower and meet with Tess Everis. This will result in you getting the Crimson Days Engram that guarantees the player a single free Crimson Days cosmetic by simply logging in.

Earning Confectionery Hearts
There are two ways to go about this. You can engage in Crimson Doubles PvP matches and earn Confectionary Hearts by interacting with Shaxx. If you don’t want to fight other players then you can tackle the PvE Bounties that reward you with Confectionery Hearts, Bright Dust and Double XP.

You can also get Confectionery Hearts for doing Crimson Doubles matches.

Keeping in mind that for both these tasks, Crimson Days bounties as well as Crimson Doubles PvP matches, you need to be in a pre-made fireteam of two Guardians.

So grab a friend and start collecting those Confectionery Hearts.

Crimson Doubles
When tackling Crimson Doubles matches, you need to be conscious of three buffs and debuffs:

  • Reunited: Boosts the recharge rate of Guardian abilities for teammates within close proximity of each other.
  • Falling Apart: Enemies can find your location if you’re too far away from your teammate.
  • Vengeance: Player gets a boost to ability regeneration and recovers some health upon the death of his teammate.

These matches consist of 2v2 lobbies, in which the recharge rate of your abilities is dependent on your proximity to your fellow teammates. You will get Valor Bonuses for Doubles and regular Crucible.

Love Story Bounty
Talk to Lord Shaxx to acquire the bounty. For Destiny 2 Love Story bounty, all you need to do is play a story mission, on any difficulty, with your Crimson Days partner.

Completing the bounty will reward you with 15 Confectionery Hearts.

Details on the rewards are vague but we do know a few things. The brand new SVC-12 and IVC-10 Exotic Sparrows will earn a unique Emblem once you possess them.   There are also some premium rewards being offered by the Eververse will offer premium rewards too. Here’s what we know about them so far.

  • Heartfelt Union emote – 500 silver
  • Crimson Shell – 2,850 dust / 600 silver
  • Two of Hearts Projection – 1,500 dust / 200 silver
  • Crimson Passion Shader – 40 dust
  • Crimson Valor Shader – 40 dust
  • Heart Sign emote – 3,250 dust / 1,000 silver

Otherwise, it seems so far that a lot of the rewards will be the ones from last year. Details on this event are still revealing themselves so we will update this article once we know more.