Destiny 2 Combustion Walkthrough

In this Destiny 2 Combustion Walkthrough, we take a look at the fourth mission of the game and provide you with various tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay experience and to make it a little less frustrating and a little more fun. You are also provided with details on the recommended level, power and the grenades/super you need for each part of the game.

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Destiny 2 Combustion Walkthrough

Salt Mines, European Dead Zone

North Trostland Salt Mine Entrance
Grenades: Optional; Super: Not Required

A small band of fallen are guarding the entrance. All you need to do is to remove the Cluster of Dregs, whittle down the Captain’s arc Shield and destroy him before it recharges. Now attack the Dregs and vandals to the right of the building. Remember to have your melee attack as a backup since this is all close quarter combat. Vandals are slightly tougher Dregs, aim at their head and dodge projectiles from their shock rifles.

Rushing forward with melee strikes is also a viable strat. Stay to the left of the Gantry and systematically take out the Dregs and the Vandals. Remember to shoot the red barrels near enemies, as it is an explosive and can cause damage in a radius. Once you kill them all, try to call the broken elevator and then get into the tunnel grating to go deeper into the mine.

Salzwerk Mine Outer Depot
Grenades: Optional; Super: Not Required

Remember to keep your head towards the roof as you enter the Salzwerk mine entrance to avoid the jump scare caused by a Wretch ambushing you from the ceiling. Choose one of the routes offered to you but remember to be careful and pick the foes one by one otherwise, you will be defeated. The route on the left offers you the opportunity to take on enemies from high ground and the route on the right is a standard route with a sniper at the far end.

Salzwerk Mine: Inner Yard
Grenades: Recommended, Super: Optional

When you enter the yard, shoot the explosive to wake everyone up and then finish the captain before his shield recharges. Alternatively, you can sneak past and stealthily execute everyone until only the captain is left. Lastly, you can also tag all of the enemies with your weapons sights and then kill them from range. Just remember to watch out for two Wretches coming in from the chamber exit.

Salt Mines, Restricted Zones

Grenades: Optional; Super: Not Required

Head over to the broken gantry over a mine tunnel. Then leap to an upper ledge to find a computer that you can investigate to collect information. Drop down and follow the tunnel until you see the exit to a huge sinkhole. Kill the last enemies, and then grab a sniper rifle to peer down the gaping sinkhole.

Kill the shanks first, then lob some grenades downwards and follow it by using your extreme range takedowns – Kinetic or Energy weapons. You can also kill them with your Sniper Rifle. After this head deeper into the Sinkhole and kill the 10 enemies – 5 Shanks and 5 Fallen – guarding the black tunnel. After this, enter the door marked as Vorsicht.

Laser Trap Tunnel
Grenades: Not required; Super: Not Required

Keep an eye out for the dozen laser traps in the tunnel behind the metal doors. Step outside and shoot the first laser, then move in and shoot the one on the left followed by the laser on the limestone ground ahead that will detonate the first cluster of lasers. Aim for the lasers beyond the first one at the second clusters so as to avoid being in the radius of explosion. Make sure you move ahead throughout the tunnel so you do not die due to the explosions.

Main Quarry
Grenades: Recommended; Super: Recommended

The Quarry has a central lower ground area along with three side slopes. Two of them are on one side and one of them is on the other. Before you call the elevator, make sure you check the area for hiding places and explosive barrels, as they will be useful later on. Start heading up the slope towards the left of the elevator and drop the Vandal and Servitor with the Sniper Rifle. Now back off using stones as cover and shoot the Dregs and Vandals in the area below you.

Remember to take down Servitors as soon as possible as they provide immunity to Dregs and Vandals near them. When the elevator has no threats near it, sprint to the middle slope and get to the platform at the top as it provides you with cover. Stay in this cover until most of the enemies are dead. After this, move to the entrance area where you entered and kill the Dregs waiting.

Make sure you kill everyone else before you try to kill the Servitor at the top of the slope. Run up the slope and shoot the Servitor in the eye. When you shoot him the Leech Servitor appears which can nourish remaining enemies (so make sure you kill them before you kill the last servitor). Try to shoot this boss in the central eye and only shoot the Shanks if they approach you or if you need ammo.

After you kill this boss, power should be back so simply enter the elevator and move upwards. Kill all the fallen you see. When the elevator arrives atop the mine, head down the grassy cliff path and rendezvous with Hawthorne to finish the mission.

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