Destiny 2 Clans Guide – How to Make, Clan Banner, Weekly Milestones, Guided Games, Tips

In this Destiny 2 Clans Guide, we will tell you about Clans in Destiny 2. You can now form Clans in Destiny 2 and we have all the information you need about how to make and use clans effectively in this Destiny 2 Clans Guide. We have listed easy instructions on how you can form clans; play Guided Games, earning clan rewards, clan banners and some general tips and tricks to increase your Clan’s Oathkeeper’s score in our Destiny 2 Clans Guide.

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Destiny 2 Clans Guide

Destiny 2 Clans Guide details everything you need to know about Clans in Destiny 2.

What are Destiny 2 Clans?

Clans are groups you can make in Destiny 2 to form teams and play with like-minded people. This is no way a forced mechanic but an optional and highly beneficial one. Chances are that you will already be playing Destiny 2 with many friends so you can make the partnership beneficial by forming a clan and earning clan rewards for playing together.

You can make a clan and invite all of your friends in it and with new people coming in; you will soon have a buzzing clan with like-minded people ready to play with each other for mutual benefits. It also eliminates the queuing up for finding random groups before matches such as strikes. Simply play the numerous game modes with your clans and unlock clan rewards.

Benefits of Clans

Clan Banner

Whether you join a clan or make one yourself, you will get an option to equip a clan banner to show your support to your clan. This clan banner is not just for show. It will also come with some perks beneficial for the whole clan. Do more clan activities to unlock more perks for the whole clan.

Clan Rewards

When you are in a clan, every time you complete an activity or any other member completes an activity, the whole clan will earn the reward. This will be in the form of an engram. To use them, head to Hawthorn.

Weekly Milestone

Each clan member gets a weekly milestone to complete, which once completed gives experience, which unlocks more clan banner perks.

Guided Games

In the clan, you can choose to play Guided Games, which are essentially Strikes or Nightfall Strikes, and the leader guides other Guardians through them. For this, the leader has to take the Guardian’s Oath first. Then he must prove his loyalty, stay friendly, and play until the end. Once done, the Clan’s Oathkeeper’s Score is increased. In the case of failure, this score will be affected and the Guardian will be barred from leading any more games.

General Clans Tips and Tricks

  1. To form a clan, you must head to the website You cannot form clans from the game. You will be required to set some member permissions as well while you are forming your clan.
  2. Once the Clan has been formed, head back into the game to invite members. For this purpose, use the roster.
  3. At a single time, a Guardian can only join a single Clan. This stands for your whole account. Any different characters you make will also be in the same clan. You can change the clans anytime you want to.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Clans Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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